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Floating Boot 2019 (single boot)

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Special Order item - dispatch usually 6-8 weeks.


Single Boot - Special Order item (we are keeping pairs of boots in stock but we understand that some customers require single boots and so these are available to purchase but we will need to order them in as and when required).

It can take 6-8 weeks for your order to be dispatched when ordering a single boot. If you need a single boot sooner than this, please get in touch and we can see if we can get them sooner.

Please note: XS, S, M, L and XL refer to the gaiter size on the boot!

Floating Boot are back with their updated 2019 Floating Boot!

The Floating Boot 2019 features a Dynamic Motion System which allows independent heel movement both horizontally and vertically. The inner sole of the boot is flat and soft with small, soft rubber dots, providing comfort for horses with sensitive soles. This new design allows the hoof to have full contact with the sole promoting natural blood flow.

The Floating Boot 2019 features a new ergonomically designed gaiter, the breathable heel bulbs protector doesn't get soggy keeping the heel bulbs dry and protected from dirt. Because of the new gaiter design the Floating Boot 2019 is 22% lighter than the previous version, it represents a great reduction in the total weight of the boot. This greatly benefits the movement to the horse. Inside the Floating Boot 2019 the small dots on the sole work combined with the rubber dots of the gaiter for a better fit of the hoof, avoiding turns and losses. There are two tread options - The Sport (transparent) which is a good all round tread over different terrains, and The Endurance (black) which is designed especially for dry or rocky terrain.

If you would like to add some colour to your Floating Boot 2019, then various accessories available separately in 6 different colours: Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Red. You can purchase the Floating Boot 2019 Frontal Piece HERE , or the Side Anchors HERE.

A GOOD CHOICE FOR: Most types of hoof. Adaptable for flared hooves, club foot and other irregular hoof shapes.

The Floating Boot 2019 can also be heat fitted making it adaptable for horses that don’t fit into the conventional boot shape.

Please note the sizing for the Floating Boot 2019 is different to the previous model. You can view the size chart here. If you are unsure of sizing, please get in touch.

M90-XS = M90 shell + gaiter size XS
M95-XS = M95 shell + gaiter size XS
M100-S = M100 shell + gaiter size S
M105-S = M105 shell + gaiter size S
M00-S = M00 shell + gaiter size S
M00-M= M00 shell + gaiter size M
M0-S = M0 shell + gaiter size S
M0-M = M0 shell + gaiter size M
M1-M = M1 shell + gaiter size M
M1-L = M1 shell + gaiter size L
M2-L = M2 shell + gaiter size L
M2-XL = M2 shell + gaiter size XL
M2W-L = M2W shell + gaiter size L
M2W-XL = M2W shell + gaiter size XL
M3-L = M3 shell + gaiter size L
M3W-XL = M3W shell + gaiter size XL

P82-XS = P82 shell+ gaiter size XS
P87-XS = P87 shell+ gaiter size XS
P92-XS = P92 shell+ gaiter size XS
P97-XS = P97 shell+ gaiter size XS
P00-S = P00 shell+ gaiter size S
P00-M = P00 shell+ gaiter size M
P0-S = P0 shell+ gaiter size S

P0-M = P0 shell+ gaiter size M
P1-M = P1 shell + gaiter size M
P1-L = P1 shell + gaiter size L
P2-M = P2 shell+ gaiter size M

P2-L = P2 shell+ gaiter size L
P2W-L = P2W shell + gaiter size L
P2W-XL = P2W shell + gaiter size XL
P3-XL = P3 shell + gaiter size XL
P3W-XL = P3W shell + gaiter size XL

If there is a shell/gaiter combination we do not have listed, please get in touch since we can order in any combination special order from Floating Boot.

Gaiter XS TBA
Gaiter S 18.8 cm
Gaiter M 21.5 cm
Gaiter L 25.5 cm
Gaiter XL 26.5 cm

Please note: At present we are only stocking the Translucent Sport Sole.

Other colours available by arrangement

The amount of grip will change if the surface is wet. Always consider safety for horse and rider regarding wet/dry surfaces.

You can view the size chart for the Floating Boot 2019 here

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