Size Charts

On this page you will find all Size Charts for all of our hoof boot models. These are intended as guides, as many factors influence the fit of hoof boots.

Evo Boot

14 Sizes Available

Please note: when sizing, the hoof width should be inside the range given and as close as possible to the maximum width (the 2nd number), and the length should not exceed the maximum length given (the 2nd number).


You can purchase EVO Boot Hoof Boots HERE.

Explora Boots

*please note, the sizing guide is just a guide. It is essential to have a snug fit if the Explora boot is to be successful. Our Explora Fit Kit is an ideal tool to determine the size or suitability of the Explora Magic Hoof Boot. These are hireable on our Explora Fit Kit product page.


You can purchase Explora Boots HERE.

Flex Boot Standard Fit


updated 24/3/22

Flex Boot Wide Fit

Please note: with the new WIDE sizes, we consider them to be more accurately described as SHORT. For example, the 110 WIDE actually has the same width measurement as a 110 STANDARD fit boot, but the length is shorter. This gives the 110 WIDE a more rounded shape.

updated 11/10/23

You can purchase Flex Boot Hoof Boots HERE.

Scoot Boot

These measurements for the Scoot Boot Mini are rough estimates only, and Scoot Boot recommends trying a Scoot Boot Mini Fit Kit to size smaller hooves for Scoot Boots. You can find our Scoot Boot Mini Fit Kit HERE.


These measurements are a guide only. They do not represent the inside dimensions of the Scoot Boot. 


Scoot Boot Enduro


updated 12/4/24

You can purchase Scoot Boot Hoof Boots HERE.

Cavallo Trek, Simple, Sport and Entry Level Boot (ELB)

This size chart refers to the Cavallo Trek, Cavallo Simple, Cavallo Sport and Cavallo Entry Level Boot (ELB) models.


Cavallo Big Foot Boot (BFB)

This size chart refers to the Cavallo Big Foot Boot (BFB) model.


Cavallo Cute Little Boot SLIM & REGULAR (CLB)

These size charts refer to the Cavallo Cute Little Boot CLB SLIM & REGULAR.


You can purchase Cavallo Hoof Boots HERE.

Renegade Classic

This size chart refers to the Renegade Classic model.


Renegade Viper

This size chart refers to the Renegade Viper model.


You can purchase Renegade Hoof Boots HERE.

Equine Fusion

This size chart refers to all Equine Fusion models.

Please note: the All Terrain Ultra is only available in sizes 10/10 Slim to 16/16 Slim and not in the smaller sizes, and the Recovery model is only available in the Regular width.


We suggest knocking 5mm off both the width and length on the size chart, when sizing hooves for the Trekking model, as they come up smaller than the other Equine Fusion models. So, for example, the suggested hoof size for a size 13 Regular in the Trekking would be a maximum hoof width of 125mm and a maximum hoof length of 130mm. 


updated 17/02/21

You can purchase Equine Fusion Hoof Boots HERE.

Swiss Galopper

This size chart refers to the Swiss Galopper model.


You can purchase Swiss Galopper Hoof Boots HERE.

Floating Boot

This size chart refers to the Floating Boot model.

Please note: the Floating Boot is available with various sized Gaiters. Which size you need is dependant on the size of your horses Heel Bulbs. If you are unsure which gaiter size you may need, we recommend getting in touch.


Size chart updated 8/3/24

Floating Boot Mini



Size chart updated 5/7/22

You can purchase Floating Boot Hoof Boots HERE.

Easyboot Glove

This size chart refers to the Easyboot Glove Back Country 2016, Easyboot Glove 2016, Easyboot Glove SOFT, and Glove Shell Glue-on models.


Old Mac G2, New Mac and Trail

This size chart refers to the Old Mac G2, New Mac and Trail models.


Easyboot Epic

This size chart refers to the Easyboot Epic model.


Easyboot Boa and Cloud

This size chart refers to the Easyboot Boa and Easyboot Cloud model.


Easyboot Transition (discontinued)

This size chart refers to the Easyboot Transition model.


Easyboot Soaker (discontinued)

This size chart refers to the Easyboot Soaker model.


Easyboot RX (discontinued)

This size chart refers to the Easyboot RX model.


Easyboot RX2

This size chart refers to the Easyboot RX2 Hoof Therapy Boot.


Easyboot Mini

This size chart refers to the Easyboot Mini model.


Easyboot Fury

This size chart refers to the Easyboot Fury model.


Easyboot Sneaker Regular


Easyboot Sneaker Narrow


You can purchase the Easycare Hoof Boots HERE

Tubbease Hoof Sock

Simply measure the widest diameter of your horse’s hoof sole (this might be length or width depending on which is longer) and fit within one of the Tubbease sizes below. The fit of the hoof sock must be as close as possible to the hoof.

Please note: The Tubbease dimensions shown below indicate the maximum internal diameter of the Tubbease cup not the diameter of the hoof.

You can purchase the Tubbease Hoof Sock HERE.

Hoof-It Poultice Boot


You can purchase the Hoof-it Poultice Boot HERE.

 Woof Wear Medical Boot


You can purchase the Woof Wear Medical Boot HERE.