Hoof Boots

Hoof Bootique has the largest stock of Renegade Classic and Renegade Viper hoof boots in the UK, and we also stock a great range of Evo Boot, Flex Boot, Scoot Boot, Equine Fusion, Swiss Galopper, Easycare, Old Mac, Cavallo, and Floating Boots boots, so you should be able to find the right hoof boots for your horse here.

You can view the boots by manufacturer, or browse by the type of hoof boots depending on their intended use (if you are looking to compete in your hoof boots, you will need to check the rules with the relevant body.)

Regardless of the type or make of hoof boots you choose, accurate measurements, a good fit and a regular barefoot trim are the keys to successfully booting your horse. Click here to visit our Advice and Guidance section for more information on measuring, choosing and using hoof boots.

Here are some of our most popular hoof boots

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