Tubbease Hoof Sock (single)

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Please note: EVA insert not included

You can purchase the Tubbease EVA insert here.

The Tubbease Hoof Sock is a revolutionary solution for a variety of equine hoof problems including laminitis and abscesses. The simple, breathable design can be used for tubbing or soaking, or in conjunction with hoof dressings and poultices. It makes a great addition to your equine First Aid Kit.

The Tubbease Hoof Sock ‘breathes’ whilst still protecting and soaking the damaged hoof, and can be quickly and easily applied without the need for dressings and tape.

Tubbease is the ultimate treatment aid to a variety of common hoof ailments including laminitis, abscess, seedy toe, thrush, thin soles and compromised or damaged hooves. The PVC-moulded sock allows the use of a variety of remedies and can also be used over hoof wraps and dressings for additional protection and cleanliness in wet or muddy conditions. The EVA Sole Insert (sold separately) adds an additional layer of comfort for sensitive soles and will relieve pain and extend the life of Tubbease. (Other specialised sole inserts are currently in development.)

How to measure for a Tubbease Hoof Sock:

Use the longest measurement of your horses hoof (length or width) and select the size closest to your horses hoof measurement. Please see the video below for more measuring guidance.

Tubbease is designed for temporary use and it is not indestructable. It should be used for treatment purposes only in an small, enclosed area. It is a good idea to make sure that you are using a size which is correctly fitted to your horse. This can avoid the hoof sock being easily or accidentally pulled off (see sizing guidance below).

When fitting you must be careful not to pull like a sock to get the boot on the hoof. It's best to hold the PVC part and push it on the hooves then pull the sock material over the pastern.

Tubbease Hoof Sock Sizing: 

110mm (4 1/2") - Pink

140mm (5 1/2") - Red

155mm (6") - Blue

165mm (6 1/2") - Orange

175mm (7") - Yellow

More information can also be found here: http://tubbease.com/sizing-fit/ 


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