Renegade Classic Hoof Boot (single)

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Black Knight dispatched in 1-3 days. Special Order colours usually dispatched within 2 - 4 weeks.


Sold individually.

Hiring Boots - Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE - We only have Black Knight in stock. All other colours are on Special Order (Could take up to 4 - 6 weeks for dispatch).

Studded boots are also Special Order and can take up to 4 - 6 weeks for dispatch. Please note studded boots are non-returnable.

Available in 7 sizes and 8 colours.

The Renegade® Hoof Boot is manufactured in the United States by Lander Industries Inc. and represents the leading edge of hoof boot technology available today.

As a complete substitute for the traditional nailed on iron shoe, the Renegade® Hoof Boot offers the horse and owner a safer, more natural, and more comfortable lifestyle. To be used only as needed while on a casual trail ride or competitive endurance race, the Renegade® Hoof Boot is an easy to use, high performance hoof boot that will take you to the finish line with confidence.

PLEASE NOTE: Renegades are specifically designed for naturally trimmed barefoot hooves, with low heels, a short toe and a mustang roll. They will not fit horses with much wider than long hooves, or much longer than wide hooves. Horses with high heels, long toes or flared walls may have problems with boot retention and there may be increased wear and tear on the tread and cables.

The Renegade Hoof Boot is a highly-developed hoof boot for the barefoot performance horse, designed to be easy to apply and easy to remove, yet stay secure even through the most rugged conditions and gruelling tasks. The movable heel captivator design accommodates and supports the bio-mechanics of the hoof and leg structure, allowing for natural flexion of both the hoof and the pastern.

The boot is comprised of a high-tech polymer compound that is extremely durable and designed to provide grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.

The Renegade is ideal for high-performance equine sports. They're extremely popular with endurance riders and leisure riders, and are also being used with success in a variety of other disciplines.

Key Features:

  • Capable of high levels of performance - a popular choice amongst endurance riders around the world.
  • The movable heel captivator design accommodates and supports the bio-mechanics of the hoof and leg structure, allowing for natural flexion of both the hoof and the pastern.
  • A correctly fitted boot stays on over all types of terrain and offers grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Replaceable parts.
  • Good choice for horses with longer than wide hooves, and round or almost round hooves (cut-back option may be required).

The amount of grip will change if the surface is wet. Always consider safety for horse and rider regarding wet/dry surfaces.

Fitting and using

While not a difficult boot to use, it’s generally not ready to go straight out of the box. In most cases some slight adjustment of the straps and cables will be required to obtain the ultimate fit, and we are happy to talk you through this process if necessary. 99% of boot performance issues can be resolved by adjustment or modification of the boot.

Due to general wear and tear, it is sometimes necessary to replace the straps and/or cable. Each pair of boots comes with 2 spare tension straps and a tool for adjusting the cable.

A ‘Pro-Wrench’ tool is also available from us – this tool makes the job of changing a cable much easier. We stock all Renegade parts, to ensure you can prolong the working life of your boots.

We also have some Renegade Classic boot shells available to help with fitting, if you are unsure which size boot will be best for your horse.


Renegades are available in 8 colours - Sport Orange, Dragon Fire Red, Yellow Gold, Arizona Copper, Burgundy Blitz, Jade, Choco Latte and Black Knight (or whatever combination of colours you fancy!). Generally, we have Black Knight (and occasionally Arizona Copper) in stock – other colours will need to be ordered in.

Traction Studs

These can be added on to the boots to provide extra grip and traction on snow, ice, slippery grass and leaves, and other similar surfaces.

While they can be used on pavement and dirt, these types of surfaces will wear down the stud inserts much faster.

Note that the studs are not meant to be easily removable and adding these to boots makes them non-returnable.


Renegade boots are not designed for use with the Comfort Pads we stock, but they are available on special order with a Bonded Insole Gel-Pad.

This is a factory installed, non-removable Insole Gel Pad. Not usually necessary under normal circumstances. It will add about 60 grams or 2 ounces to the weight of the boot. It is intended for foundered or laminitic horses to help improve movement and thus circulation to promote healing.

If you wish to order Renegade boots with the Insole Gel Pads, you will need to go to our Parts and Accessories page and purchase the Pads separately (2 pads required per boot pair).

Please Click Here to purchase the Gel Pads.

PLEASE NOTE: That as we do not stock the Renegade boots with the Gel Pads, we will need to special order your boots with Pads from the States (can take up to 3 weeks). Additionally, as adding Gel Pads is considered a customisation, we cannot accept returns of these boots.


If you find the Classics are too long for your horse and you require the length to be trimmed, or cut-back, then please note there is an extra charge of £10 per boot for this and the boots will then be non-returnable. It is therefore important to be sure of the boot suitability and sizing before arranging a cut-back!

This custom option will remove excess length from the back of the boot (usually 5 - 10mm). 

This is a good option for horses that overreach and interfere, as the best way to mitigate interference is to have the boots fit as flush to the heel as possible.

Some horses may also have wide, round hooves, necessitating a larger boot size to accommodate the width…but leaving excess boot hanging out past the back of the hoof.  This would be a good scenario to use the cutback option.

Special orders

If you order a colour or option we don’t have in stock, we can offer you a pair in the same size on hire - so you can still ride in Renegades while waiting for your special order boots to arrive from the USA.

You can view the size chart for the Renegade Classic here.


Additional Details

Sold as:
Individual Boots


5 Reviews

  • 5
    Really pleased with the boots which fit well.

    Published by Sarah Walker on 23rd Oct 2021

    Initially my horse was a bit puzzled at having something on his feet but quickly realised that they made life much more comfortable, especially when on a track.

  • 5

    Published by Jenny Baird on 29th Mar 2021

    Received boots on time, do exactly what they say on the box, very pleased with them.

  • 5
    Renegade classic

    Published by Julie on 28th Jan 2021

    Fantastic boot once I learned how to fit correctly. Perfect fit for my girl. Hoof bootique are very helpful a fantastic team customer service is fantastic speedy delivery thankyou so much

  • 4

    Published by Ros Bayfield on 2nd Oct 2020

    Find Renegades fit our horses well. Look neater than other boots too. Like the colour selection.

  • 4
    Renegade classic 2WW

    Published by Catherine Coward on 5th Jul 2020

    The only boot than copes with the wider (much) than long feet of my TB. Easy to apply and stayed in place during a hack which included both road and off roadwork. Liz of Hoof Boutique very helpful.

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