Renegade Fit Kits

None of us want to guess when it comes to giving our horses the best. That is why we offer Hoof Boot Fit Kits for hire. Accurate hoof measurements are vital but other factors, such as hoof wall angle and heel height, that are difficult to measure, will affect the overall boot fit.

Our Hoof Boot Fit Kits allow you to try different sizes of a particular type of boot, so that you can order with confidence.

Remember that we are here to help and guide you through the process, to find the best hoof boot possible for your equine friend!

If you hire one of our Fit Kits, we highly encourage you to send us photos and/ or videos of your Fit Kit on, so we can help advise on how they fit before you purchase boots. You can email the photos to or contact us via Facebook Messenger. We ideally need to see photos of the hooves in each fitting shell on the ground from the front, side and heel bulb views (camera as low to the ground as possible for photo, mouse eye view). Videos can also be helpful to demonstrate how tightly fitting a particular shell is.

Click here to read more about Fit Kits and how they work, and here to read our guide "How to Use Your Hoof Bootique Fit Kit".

*Please note there is not a Fit Kit currently available for the Easyboot Trail, Cloud, RX, Sneaker, Epic, Mini or Old Mac.

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