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Some sizes of this boot are special order, meaning we will order stock in upon customer request once an order has been placed. This means some orders may take 3 - 6 weeks to dispatch.

Sold individually.

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Available in Slim and Regular sole! Please note: although the base is the same size as the other Equine Fusion models, the upper part is lower profile and so they fit differently and the upper part is slightly smaller. They don't have as much velcro around the pastern as the All Terrain and Active models so they aren't quite as adjustable.

We also suggest knocking 5mm off both the width and length on the size chart, when sizing hooves for the Trekking model, as they come up smaller than the other Equine Fusion models. So, for example, the suggested hoof size for a size 13 Regular in the Trekking would be a maximum hoof width of 125mm and a maximum hoof length of 130mm.
Trekking Jogging Shoe is soft and flexible, just like all the other Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes. The Trekking shoe consist of the well-known All Terrain sole with a unique tread design which provides excellent grip with an optimal break over, great dampening and stability. The upper part of Trekking has a breathable and quick drying material. The material also provides abrasion and slash resistance that helps protect against scrapes, scuffs and damage. Together with a heel design which enables the unrestricted natural movement of the hoof.


  • The upper part makes it adaptable for hooves with an odd shape, form or angles.
  • This model may be suitable for horses with a distinct natural twisting movement that can lead to twisting.
  • The upper part consists of a two-band locking mechanism.

Stay on:

  • Due to the adaptable upper and the fastening system you can fasten the shoe tight around the hoof to stay on.
  • The shoe can be used for turnout in paddock/fields.


  • The engineered flexible and elastic jogging shoe allows the hoof to sink into the rubber sole and allows the hoof to have full contact with the sole and ground to secure natural blood flow and hoof functions.
  • The upper part is soft and comfortable for the horse.
  • Breathable and quick drying material.


  • Stud kit basic can be installed (with additional use of dampening pad)
  • The amount of grip will change if the surface is wet. Always consider safety for horse and rider regarding wet/dry surfaces.

Technical Features:

  • Sole thickness 10mm – 14mm depending on size.
  • Tread element thickness 5mm – 7mm depending on size.
  • Adaptable upper design.
  • Velcro locking mechanism.
  • Breathable upper design.
  • Reflective band on the upper part.
  • Available in black colour.
  • Washable at 40C.
  • Available in regular and slim type from size 7 – 16.

Find more information on the Equine Fusion Trekking shoe on the official Equine Fusion website here.

You can view the size chart for the Equine Fusion Trekking here.

Weight per boot and Break Over Point of the Equine Fusion Trekking.


4 Reviews

  • 5
    Super easy and accommodating

    Published by Sophia Strang Steel on 13th Nov 2022

    I have read elsewhere that some find these trekking boots difficult to negotiate when fastening. Not at all! I have a weak arm and shoulder from an old serious crash injury. These boots really are so easy to fix in place, even for me.

    These are the 2nd set I have bought (see previous review for the medium shetland. Lovely tiny boots quite inconspicuous really once on.)
    These second set are for a 12.2 Welsh mountain pony. X-rays revealed that she has osteopathic changes to one hoof which makes higher profile gaiters or boots uncomfortable for her. That hoof is also narrower than the others and has a more contracted heel. Its not vastly significant but it is enough to make it necessary for a more forgiving fit of boot style than the likes of the oh so super scoot boots many of my other horses and ponies use. This pony was using gaited epic gloves which have helped her rehab to a degree but it was those gaiters…. If I took them off she was more confident but the epics didnt stay on in muddy, difficult terrain. When I saw how well the low profile trekking boots were working for our Shetland I had to try them on the Welshie.
    They do look (and at first clearly felt) more chunkie than the epics she was used to but she soon became quite blasé about them. She has a very long stride anyway but she does seem to almost revel in striding out more in these. I do think the cushioning of their soles really are very giving. Actually, she has rehabbed well enough now that she is quite confident on what I call standard terrain without any boots but if we go somewhere unchart ed I like my lit to be comfortable with the boots I put on them in case we come across some newly reinforced forestry paths - they use a lot of sharp, non hoof friendly, granite base round here.
    I have not had either sets for very long yet (less than a year) but other fushion users I know still have their boots after 100s and 100s of miles so I am hoping the same will apply to these trekking versions.

    Finally, the best bit for us is that the tensioning wrapping action of the trekking boot attachment is just perfect for our slight varieties in hoof width. I didnt need to order a single separate size for the slightly smaller hoof. Thank goodness! Im sure I wouldnt have remembered which was the smallest one each time I needed to boot up. All the same, if you needed to buy odd pair sizes the sale of these boots singly would help there too.

  • 5
    Trekking boots

    Published by Sophia Strang Steel on 6th Oct 2022

    I bought a set earlier this year for my Shetland and I just love the low profile fastening for her - and me with the ease of putting them on and off. I have a long term injury which means I am have little strength in my left arm so this is vital on one so small and potentially fiddly.

    They have also been brilliant in her rehab. She has a natural wonkyness due to her conformation yet even with the expected changes in hoof shape due to her increased exercise and remedial trimming the boots are still staying on, no rubbing and literally giving her a spring in her step.

  • 5
    Best in this brand

    Published by Jackie Stagg on 1st Nov 2021

    These have a lower profile that other Equine Fusions and also are much lighter in weight so I think much the best choice for ponies. They dry more quickly and do not soak up water and thus do not become heavy on the hoof while in use. The velcro seems to fasten more securely as well. They are not so forgiving in shape as the All-Terrain however and I am only using them on the hinds as they will not go over my ponys high heels on the front so you cant just assume if other Fusions fit your horse these automatically also will. If they do fit, I think they are the best Fusions. The only small problem I have with them is that there is a lot of velcro and the straps can get tangled while I am actually putting the boot on so you have to be careful to ensure it hasnt managed to fasten itself while you are struggling! Just takes a bit of practice.

  • 5
    Equine Fusion Trekking Shoe

    Published by Helen Tyler on 5th Sep 2021

    Brilliant, Great Boots ,easy to get on and off,Well Made,Good Grip,Easy Clean,Super Look.

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