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The Evo Boot Premium 2021 is the newest of the Evo boot models!

Keep it easy, simple, adjusted & colourful with the latest version of the EvoBoot Premium. Let the horse have a totally new free movement experience without any interference at their full extension & full flexion phase with this ultra-light, super-flexible & long lasting, below the coronet boot.

Every part has been specially designed to allow for hoof distortion on landing & enhacing the hoof mechanism (curved sole, V-shape, accordeon, lateral cartilages, friendly Bulb Shield & the Elastostop-direct system) which is essential for dealing with impact forces, maintaining the correct blood flow of the digital tissues thus avoiding altering the heart rate and horse’s performance.

It’s 2nd skin comes with an air cooling system and a skin friendly material to avoid rubbing.

All parts can be fast & easily managed with an allen key to change it’s configuration or exchange any piece if necessary.

When sizing for this boot, you can use the same size chart as the previous model (1.19), as the shells are 100% identical.

Key features of the Evo Boot 2021:

  • Easy to fit
  • Lightweight and non-absorbent
  • Durable construction
  • Designed to permit hoof distortion & enhancing the hoof mechanism
  • The new 2nd Skin has an air cooling system
  • 2nd skin made of a skin friendly material to avoid rubbing
  • Excellent grip on the sole
  • Easy to adjust
  • Fits like a second skin
  • Adaptable for different hoof shapes
  • Easily adjusted with heat
  • Supports natural break-over
  • Parts are easily replaced

What sized bulb shield and 2nd skin does each boot size need?

  • 00, 0 = S1 Bulb Shield, Size 1 2nd Skin
  • 0W, 1, 1W = S2 Bulbs Shield, Size 1 2nd Skin
  • 2, 2W = S3 Bulb Shield, Size 2 2nd Skin
  • 3, 3W = S4 Bulb Shield, Size 2 2nd Skin
  • 3WW, 4, 4W = S5 Bulb Shield, Size 3 2nd Skin
  • 5, 5W = S6 Bulb Shield, Size 4 2nd Skin

You can purchase spare accessories for the Evo Boot 2021 HERE

How to adjust the Evo Boot 2021 in 2 easy steps

The EvoBoot 2021 can often make an "out of the box fit" when dealing with standard hooves. However, there are some occasions where a minor adjustment is necessary, due to growth between trims or due to specific conformation of the hoof. This adjustment is so easy that it only takes 2 steps, a few minutes and no previous knowledge.

Step 1

Remove the lower screws and set the Bulb Shield so it’s lower strap makes intimate contact with the heel’s wall.

Step 2

Remove the top screws and set the Elastostop Direct so when locked it acquires a rounded shape.

Notice that when the boot fits correctly, the upper curve of the Bulb Shield completely cover the bulb region of the Hoof.

What is included per single boot?

  • 1 Shell + 1 Bulb Shield + 2 Elastostops Directs + 2 Pivots (all assembled)
  • 1 spare parts bag (1 Elastostop, 1 allen key, 1 plastic nipple, 1 short screw, 5
    long screws, 3 washers, 1 round nut, 1 neckled washer)
  • 1 Instructions Sheet
  • 1 2nd Skin in your chosen colour

You can view the size chart for the Evo Boot Premium 2021 HERE

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