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Evo Boot 2021 Bulb Shield (single)

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The NEW Evo Boot 2021 Bulb Shield is similar to the 1.19 model, with only the screws securing the bulb shield to the Evo Boot, as the threading is in the bulb shield itself! The Bulb Shield also features two holes to give even more adjustment options and is quick an easy to change using an Allen Key. 

The main change to the Bulb Shield is that now the red EVA pad is no longer directly connected to the ball shield. Instead, there is now a neoprene protection that is attached with rubber nipples, this is called the 2nd Skin

Please note: the Bulb Shields do not come with the NEW 2nd Skin Neoprene lining, this will need to be purchased separately HERE, and is available in 5 different colours and 4 sizes.

The Evo Boot 2021 Bulb Shield is available in six different sizes: 

  • S1 to fit sizes 00, 0
  • S2 to fit sizes 0W, 1 1W
  • S3 to fit sizes 2 to 2W
  • S4 to fit sizes 3 to 3W
  • S5 to fit sizes 3WW, 4, 4W
  • S6 to fit sizes 5, 5W

What is included in the Bulb shield pack?

  • 1 bulb Shield of a specific size (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 or S6)
  • 5 washers, 5 long screws &1 allen key

What size 2nd skin does the Bulb Shield need?

  • S1 & S2- need a size 1 2nd skin
  • S3 & S4 - need a size 2 2nd skin
  • S5 - needs a size 3 2nd skin
  • S6 - needs a size 4 2nd skin

You can purchase the 2nd skin separately HERE

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