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Floating Boot Replacement Gaiter 2019 (single)

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Replacement elastic gaiter for the Trainer 2019 boot. The new 2019 gaiter has a smooth textured interior incorporating small rubber dots, which makes the inside of the boot much more comfortable, even for horses with the most sensitive soles.

Size guide:

S: for Trainer 2019 sizes M00, P00

M: for Trainer 2019 sizes M1, P1

L: for Trainer 2019 sizes M2, M2W, M3, P2

XL: for Trainer 2019 sizes M3W, P3

The Floating Boot 2019 features a new ergonomically designed gaiter, the breathable heel bulbs protector doesn't get soggy keeping the heel bulbs dry and protected from dirt.

Gaiter S 18.8 cm
Gaiter M 21.5 cm
Gaiter L 25.5 cm
Gaiter XL 26.5 cm

Fixing screws and glue not included.

Floating Boot recommend using Loctite 406 to glue a Floating Boot 2019 Replacement Gaiter onto a Floating Boot shell. It is very important that the gaiter is sanded, and the gaiter and shell are both cleaned using an alcohol based cleaner, to eliminate any dust before gluing.

All replacement gaiters are sent pre-sanded on the glue contact area.

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