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Floating Boot Mini (single)

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Introducing the NEW Floating Boot Mini!

Available in 3 sizes (S6.7, S7.8 and S8.9) and 5 colours (Black, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Red).

Sold Individually (add 2 to basket for a pair)

Light, easy to put on and comfortable, they are the ideal complement for training ponies and miniature horses on any surface, as well as for therapeutic support.

Simple adjustment in just three easy steps:

1. - Remove the front velcro strip and fold the neoprene over the back of the boot.

2. - Place the boot on the horse`s hoof and give the boot a few turns to properly adjust the boot to the foot.

3. - Pull the neoprene back up over the horse's foot. This neoprene will wrap the horse`s foot, it can overlap at the front if necessary in order to leave it well adjusted. Place the front velcro strip back in place to leave the boot completely closed.

The rear re-inforcement strap can be used to give the boot better stability.

Size Chart

Size Hoof Width (in mm) Hoof Length (in mm)
S6.7 60 - 70mm 75mm
S7.8 70 - 80mm 85mm
S8.9 80 - 90mm 95mm


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