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Floating Boot 2019 Stud Applicator Tool

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Floating Boot 2019 Stud Applicator Tool needed to apply the Floating Boot Winter Studs which can be purchased separately HERE.

This Applicator Tool can fit in a drill that takes a 1/4" drill bit, or our Universal Manual Handle 1/4" which can be purchased separately HERE.

Things to keep in mind when using studs...

  • Make sure your boots fit well and your horse is acclimated to wearing them before you apply studs
  • Always apply studs to both boots for proper balance
  • Do not turn horses out wearing studded boots, as a horse could injure themselves and others with studded boots.
  • When drilling, make sure the stud does not extend past the sole of the foot. This can especially be a problem on older boots with worn soles as it can cause pressure points on the inside of the boot.
  • Use caution when installing studs in used boots, as the sole tread is thinner than when new. Studs may penetrate through older well-worn soles.
  • Always use your best judgment when going out for a ride in slippery conditions. Hoof boots provide extra traction, but they do have their limits.

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