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Floating Boot 2019 Quick Winter Studs

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Floating Boot 2019 Quick Winter Studs

Pack of 16 studs

Winter studs provide your horse better traction in slippery conditions such as ice, wet grass, mud and snow.

A stud applicator is required to install these studs, you can purchase one separately HERE.


  • Mark the points where you want to place the studs.
  • Pre-drill 3 mm holes on the marked points with a 4 or 4.5 mm drill bit.
  • Lock the stud applicator into position on the drill. Position the end of the stud tread over the drilled hole and slowly drill the stud into the hole.


  • Before installing the studs, make sure that the boots are the approriate size and that the horse is used to wear them.
  • Install the studs always symmetrically for a correct balance.
  • While drilling, make sure that the stud does not perforate the sole completely and passes to the inside of the sole. This can happen on older boots with worn soles.
  • Always use your best judgement when going to ride in slippery conditions. The studs provide extra grip, but they have their limits !
  • Remove the studs when they are not necessary. You can keep and reinstall them when you need them.

Does not include Stud Applicator Tool.

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