Renegade Spare Pastern Strap

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Spare pastern strap for a Renegade hoof boot.

Hook-and-loop material recently upgraded.

One strap supplied.

Spare pastern strap for a single Renegade hoof boot, to replace a broken or worn strap, or simply to keep as a spare. The hook-and-loop material has recently been upgraded with stronger, more durable material. It is suggested that, when cleaning the new pastern straps, a toothbrush or other soft brush be used to clean the material. A stiff brush is too harsh and will pull at the loops. Spray with a hose and/or soak in a bucket, then gentley loosen any residual dirt or sand and rinse. Doing so will extend the life and holding power of the straps. Can be purchased one size smaller if necessary to reduce any strap overhang.