Easycare Spare Comfort Strap

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Fitted with the use of a screwdriver.

Ideal to use if you want to replace a cleated backstrap, or need to increase the width of the inside of the hoof boot slightly for a wider foot.

Can be used on the Easyboot Epic, Bare and Grip hoof boots; not recommended for the original Easyboot.

One comfort strap supplied with all necessary fixings.

The Easycare comfort strap is the new comfort strap which is fixed as standard on the Easyboot Bare. The comfort strap can also be used in the Easyboot Epic or Grip hoof boot. The comfort strap does not have metal teeth, is completely smooth against the hoof and has no sharp edges. Unlike the Easyboot shell, whose durability improves as it cures with age, the softer, more flexible material used in the backstraps can become cracked and brittle over time. The comfort backstrap is used to replace an old, cracked or torn back strap with a new, soft, pliable comfort strap whenever necessary.