Cavallo Pastern Wraps (1 pair)

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Sold in pairs.

Please note - The Cavallo Pasten Wrap sizing can come up a little small, if you are unsure of the size you will need we suggest sizing up.

For those who would like additional protection, we offer the Cavallo Pastern Wrap (sold in pairs). The pastern wrap offers an extra layer of protection for your horse’s soft skin when you ride.

Velcro the Cavallo wrap around the hoof, keeping it low to the ground around the bottom of the bulb and drawing the elastic diagonally upward from back to front.

Place the boot on the hoof, toe first, ensuring that the wrap lies flat. Velcro the red tab from the pastern wrap onto the red Velcro on the tongue of the boot.

Carry on your boot fastening procedure as normal.

Remember that there is a break-in period required to soften the leather at the bulbs and around the collar of your horse's new boots. Like your own riding boots, it is recommended that time is taken to gradually break-in your boots. The first day the boots should be worn for 20-30 minutes, during turn-out or riding. The next day, you can increase the time and so on. Horse's hoofs, skin thickness, bulb sensitivity and conditioning can vary, so please monitor the wear and increase time in the boots as appropriate. You can speed up the break-in process by using a leather softener of your choice and/or riding through water.

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11 Reviews

  • 4
    Wraps seem good and attach to boots well.

    Published by Julie Green on 25th May 2024

    The wraps are good.

  • 4
    Cavallo pastern wraps

    Published by Heather Baldwin on 11th Sep 2023

    I followed the advice on the website and got a size bigger, sadly they are way too big and I will be returning them. Cannot fault customer service though, it was excellent

  • 5
    Cavallo Pastern Wraps

    Published by Amanda Robinson on 7th Dec 2022

    These wraps work very well to prevent any chafing. They help to stabilise the boots. They stay in place and last a long time. Excellent product.

  • 5
    Cavallo Pastern wraps size 10

    Published by Amanda on 3rd Aug 2022

    Good fit on my cob who wears size 9 boots. Really helping to protect him from rubbing. Boots still turn slightly, but he is not chafed at all. Great product.

  • 3
    Pastern wraps

    Published by Claudia Corner on 31st Aug 2021

    Wraps are easy to get on but after only 3 times of the horse wearing them holes have appeared where some stitching is near the Velcro which I feel is disappointing. --- Hi Claudia, We are very sorry that the stitching of your wraps began to wear so quickly. A warranty replacement pair have been sent to you which you should receive shortly. The Hoof Bootique Team.

  • 2
    Pastern wraps

    Published by Tracy on 6th Aug 2021

    I got these after trying the other sock type. These are cleaner easier to put on and a lot better design. But…. Performance wasnt great. In walk they stayed in place for most of the time. Trot however made them ride up and my mare was uncomfortable, I stopped and took them off. So although better than the socks I wont be using them unless a slow walk around the block. The other thing is it makes the whole hoof bigger and I think maybe a bigger size cavallo would make it more comfortable ( it was a squeeze to get them on) --- Hi Tracy, We are very sorry to hear that this product has not worked out for you. If you have found that the pastern wrap rises up during use, it may be that you would be better with a similar product that has an integral pad that sits under the hoof such as the Easycare Gaiter or the Scoot Boot Endurance Gaiter. The Hoof Bootique Team.

  • 5
    Cavello Pastern Wraps

    Published by Katy Barfield on 15th Jul 2021

    Well made, strong, good. Super fast delivery, great fit (size 8-10) for large hooves, well made and great product for money, good price.

  • 5
    Pastern Wraps

    Published by Sharon on 15th Mar 2021

    Really convenient to use and have stopped rubbing at the back of the boots and provided support round the heel bulbs. Very pleased with the purchase and a whole lot easier than old socks!!

  • 2
    Cavello Pastern Wraps size 8 BFB

    Published by Caroline Bradley on 22nd Feb 2021

    My horse is in size 6 slim Cavello Boots and these are still too small for him! - Hi Caroline, we are very sorry to hear that the wraps are too small. We have found that the Cavallo Pastern Wraps can come up small, and we can see that you have gone for a larger size to try accommodate for this. There is a size 10 (designed to go with the size 10 Cavallo Big Foot Boots) or alternatively, the Cavallo Comfort Sleeve can be used (that is quite stretchy and more flexible with sizing), or the Old Mac Multipurpose Hoof Boot Gaiters can be used in the Cavallo boots, or also the New Scoot Boot Endurance Gaiter. If there are ever problems with the sizing, or if you are unsure which wrap or gaiter to go for, please feel free to contact us first. The Hoof Bootique Team.

  • 4
    Cavallo pastern wraps

    Published by Liz Sutton on 3rd Jul 2020

    Pretty easy to put on, only issue so far is that sometimes they ride up when the boots are put on and I do not always find it easy to get the velcro straps in the right place to attach to the boot. Overall pretty good though!

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