Cavallo Support Pad

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Pairs (2 pads)

One pair (2 pads) per pack.

The Cavallo Support Pad is moulded from a specially formulated industrial grade thermoplastic urethane compound to help absorb every day shock and provide your horse with additional comfort while out riding. Inserting the pad into your Cavallo Hoof Boot absorbs shock on hoof strike and minimises fatigue.

The Cavallo TPU Support Pad offers a removable insole for even more support with Cavallo hoof boots.

The Support pad is a flat pad designed to support and reduce concussion.

Support pads can also be a useful tool to improve the fit of a boot.

A Support pad will provide support, additional protection and and shock absorption to the hoof as well as support to the frog.

Support pads are an excellent aid in transitioning a horse from shod to barefoot, and exercise both the internal and external structures of the hoof to help build a stronger hoof capsule.

One size fits all. Simply choose the side of pad that shows horse's sole width (Slim or Regular), cut the pad to fit boot size and insert into boot.

Please note: these pads are not currently large enough for the Cavallo Big Foot Boots.

Increased Comfort
Extra Cushioning
Ease Shock
Tighten Fit
Extend Boot Life
Relieve Impact.