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Evo Boot 1.19 (single boot)

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Please note: The Evo Boot 1.19 Model is now limited in stock, as there is now a new and improved model for 2021! The NEW Evo Boot Premium 2021 is available for pre-order HERE!

The new Evo Boot Premium 2021 Bulb Shield and 2nd Skin can be attached to the Evo 1.19 Shell, if you would like to make the change then the new accessories are available to purchase HERE!

Sold Individually

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The Evo Boot 1.19 is an exciting boot which offers flexibility, support which can be adjusted to fit most hooves.

The Evo Boot 1.19 is an extremely intelligent hoof boot promoting the hoof mechanism. Not only does it support the hoof sole – it’s flexible horizontally as well as vertically. The boot shell and shield are very flexible and can spread both horizontally and vertically. Just as the hoof does in motion. 

A unique feature of the Evo Boot 1.19 is the special construction in the middle of the boot shell where the hoof frog is located. This “V” enables the boot to expand vertically and horizontally. 

The Evo Boot 1.19 is highly adjustable and will suit both low and high heels. The position of the Bulb Shield can be changed by using different holes of the Elaststop. The holes in the boot shell help you to adapt the boot to the requirements of your horses’ hooves even when hoof shape and/or measurements change. Which might be necessary, especially during the transition period from shod to barefoot. 

There are 12 sizes of Evo Boot 1.19 available, with additional flexibility which is provided with The Elastostop Locking Mechanism and Bulb Shield. 

Evo Boot 1.19 Features:

  • Easy to fit
  • Lightweight and non-absorbent
  • Durable construction
  • Promotes hoof mechanism in four dimensions
  • Excellent grip on the sole
  • Flexible bulb shield and sole
  • Easy to adjust
  • Fits like a second skin
  • Adaptable for different hoof shapes
  • Easily adjusted with heat
  • Supports natural break-over

Updates for the 1.19 Model include:

  • 5 sizes of bulb shield S1-S5.
  • 2 additional holes in the bulb shield for further adjustment.
  • Solely Elastostop direct - No smart lock needed.
  • No nuts needed to secure the bulb shield - the thread is inside the bulb shield itself! 
  • Red bulb shield liner is no longer glued and can be changed. 
  • Completely reinforced rear to increase durability.
  • 1.0 and 1.19 shell is the same so models can be combined


  • 1 Evo Boot
  • 1 Evo Boot Bag
  • 2 Spare Elastostop Direct Fastenings
  • 1 Long Screw
  • 1 Short Screw
  • 2 Round Nuts
  • 2 Pivot Bushings
  • 1 Alley Key
  • Fitting Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: The Evo Boot 1.19 is not suitable for horses with extremely high heel bulbs.


Please click here to view more information about the Evo Boot 1.19!.

To view the user manual for the Evo Boot 1.19 please click here

You can view the size chart for the Evo Boot 1.19 here

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2 Reviews

  • 5
    Hoof boots

    Published by Carla on 29th Nov 2020

    Very pleased with the adjustability of the heel area as my horse currently has low heels but is being TACT trimmed to develop heel so will need this flexibility to allow the hoof to grow with her heels

  • 5
    Evo Boot 1.19

    Published by Gerry McDougall on 17th Nov 2020

    I bought these on the recommendation of my barefoot trimmer and have only had them on the horse a couple of times so far. Happy with the fit and horse seems to be comfortable.

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