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Please scroll down the page to read our Terms of Fit Kit Hire and about our Fit Kit Fees.

The Evo Boot Fit Kit has been designed to help you find the correct pair of Evo Boots for your horse.   


To try on your Evo Boot Fit Kit, pick up the hoof with the sole facing upwards in the trimming/picking out position and slip the toe of the hoof into the boot (you may need to use a slight twisting motion to properly seat the toe into the toe of the boot). Make sure the shell is centered, and place the hoof onto the ground. 

You want to check the shape, angle, length and width of each different size, on each hoof.

Some hooves will fit straight into an “out-of-the-box” Evo Boot, whereas other hooves will need more adjusting or even heat adaptation for the Evo Boots to fit well. 

  • The fit should be fairly tight -  not extremely tight or loose. (A very tight fitting shell can work well, but the actual boots will be tighter to put on than the shell alone, so do bear this in mind.)

With the hoof on the ground:

  • Is the toe of the hoof right into the toe of the boot?
  • Ideally,  you don’t want any air gaps between the boot shell and the hoof wall, in the front panel of the boot. Some gaps can be fixed with heat adaptation.
  • When looking at the shell from the heel bulb view, there will always be a slight gap either side of the bulbs (between the hoof wall at the heels and the boot shell) as this is where the Bulb Shield part of the boot will be fitted. This is normal.
  • Again, when viewing the shell from the heel bulb view, you ideally want the width of the boot base/tread to match almost exactly the width of the hoof inside. If the hoof is wider than the actual base/tread of the boot, then you will probably need to widen the boots with heat. If the base/tread of the boot is wider than the hoof, it is likely too wide and you will either need to select a narrower size or carry out an adjustment (the narrowing technique). 
  • To check the length, view the shell from the side. Excess length of around 3-5mm, beyond the rearmost point of weight bearing, is just right. Any less and the boots are likely too short. Any more, and the boots may need to be “cut-back” to trim off any excess length.

Now pick up the hoof and do the “wiggle test” - gently try to twist the shell clockwise and anti clockwise (don’t force the boot). Your boot should not turn on the hoof - ideally you want the shell and hoof to move together, as if the shell were glued on. A little bit of movement side-to-side with your Fit Kit shell can still be fine (as you don’t yet have the full boot on) but you don’t want more than a few degrees each way.

If you think you will need to adapt your final Evo Boots, please bear in mind it is easier to make a boot steeper, wider, bigger… than smaller!

Terms of Fit Kit Hire and Fit Kit Hire Fees

Please post your Fit Kit back, clean and dry with no parts missing, dirty or broken, within 14 days of you receiving it (this can be extended, but please contact us first). Please note that there is an additional fee of £2.50 per week for Fit Kits that arrive back more than 21 days after the date they were received.

If you require help in deciding on the next step and have sent an e-mail to us, then please feel free to keep the Fit Kit until you have received a reply (as we may ask you to try the Fit Kit on again). We will not charge the additional fee of £2.50 per week when you are in contact and an extension has been agreed. Occasionally, we may send a shell that is dirty or damaged and there is no need to notify us if the shell was dirty or damaged when you received it.

When you return the Fit Kit to us and wish to PURCHASE or HIRE a pair of Hoof Boots at the time of return, you will be refunded the deposit paid LESS the applicable fit kit fee.

If you decide to return the Fit Kit and NOT order or hire any boots at the time of return, you will be refunded the deposit paid LESS the applicable fit kit fee AND a further admin fee of £10. You will not be charged a further £10 admin fee if you opt for a Store Credit.

If you decide to NOT order a pair of boots at the time of return of the Fit Kit and opt for a refund, but you later come back to Hoof Bootique to purchase a pair of hoof boots, then please feel free to ask for a discount of £10, representing the additional admin fee of £10 you were charged on the Fit Kit.

If the Fit Kit is returned to us with parts missing, broken or dirty (subject to the comments above) the amount refunded to you will be LESS the cost of putting the Fit Kit right again. 

Please note you will be responsible for returning the Fit Kit to us at your cost, and we are not able to refund you until the Fit Kit is received by us so we do recommend a recorded method of postage.

You can use our Royal Mail Returns Service when returning your Fit Kit at a cost of £4.95 (or use a service of your choice). A Royal Mail Returns label will be included with the Fit Kit. Please place the label on your parcel and then you can take it to any Post Office. Please remember to obtain a proof of postage receipt.This service can be more cost effective, especially when returning heavy or large Fit Kits.

Please note, this service is free at the point of posting but a charge of £4.95 will be deducted from your Fit Kit deposit or charged separately if no deposit is due back to you.

Standard Fit Kit Fees

*Any fit kit other than a mixed fit kit is standard.

A £15 fee will be retained for the 1st Fit Kit hired.

If more than one Fit Kit was hired at the same time (so under the same Order Number) then a reduced fee of £10 will be retained for each subsequent Fit Kit.

The remaining balance will either be refunded, rolled over onto a boot purchase/hire or applied as a Store Credit, as required.

You can view the size chart for the Evo Boot 1.19 here

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