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Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to read our Terms of Fit Kit Hire and about our Fit Kit Fees.

Create a custom fit kit for your horse!

Fit Kits can be invaluable when it comes to finding the right hoof boot for your horse or pony. Unless you are looking at one particular style of boot, generally the best way to approach hoof boot fitting is to have a mixed fit kit. This will allow you to mix and match manufacturers and models, and try a selection of possible styles and sizes. You can then compare the fit of the different boots and find the hoof boot best suited to your horse's hooves.

How does the Hoof Bootique Mixed Fit Kit work?

You can select as many sizes as you need to try, from a selection of manufacturers and models. (If you require more than 18, then please contact us first). Once you receive your Mixed Fit Kit, try the shells on at a standstill only to check the suitability and sizing of the particular boot style. Please feel free to email us photos of the Fit Kit shells on, from the front, side and rear view. Videos can also be helpful, to demonstrate how tightly fitting a particular shell is. Please refer to our guide "How to use your Hoof Bootique Fit Kit" as mentioned above.

Manufacturers, models and sizes available:

Renegade Classic - sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 2W, 2WW, 4WW

Renegade Viper - sizes 120x110, 125x115, 125x120, 125x125, 130x120, 135x125, 135x130, 135x135, 140x130, 140x135, 140x140, 145x145, 150x150

Equine Fusion - sizes 7 - 16 Slim, sizes 7 - 16 Regular

Scoot Boot - sizes 000 - 11 Regular, sizes 0 - 7 Slim, Mini 00 - 3
*Please note, the 000 Regular is slightly smaller in its proportions than the 00 Regular, and it is larger in its proportions than the Mini 3.

Cavallo Cute Little Boot - sizes M1 - M4 Slim, sizes M1 - M4 Regular.

Cavallo Big Foot Boot - sizes 7, 8, 9, 10

Cavallo (all other models) - sizes 0 - 6 Regular, sizes 0 - 6 Slim

Easyboot Glove (or Back Country) - sizes 00, 00.5, 0, 0 Wide, 0.5, 0.5 Wide, 1, 1 Wide, 1.5, 1.5 Wide, 2, 2 Wide, 2.5, 2.5 Wide, 3, 3 Wide, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5
*Please note there is not a Fit Kit currently available for the Easyboot Trail, Cloud, RX, Sneaker, Epic, Mini or Old Mac

Easyboot Fury - sizes 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4
*(size 0 is currently not available as a fitting shell)
*Please note: the Easyboot Fury Shell fits differently to the Glove/Backcountry shell

Evo Boot - sizes 00, 0, 0W, 1, 1W, 2, 2W, 3, 3W, 3WW, 4, 4W

Floating Boot - sizes M00, M0, M1, M2, M2W, M3, M3W, P00, P0, P1, P2, P2W(new!), P3(new!), P3W (used to be called P3)
*Please note: Floating Boots come with various sized gaiters which are not available to try in a Fit Kit. If you are unsure which size gaiter you may need, feel free to get in touch.

Swiss Galopper - sizes SG3 - 8
*Please note: The L-version is not available as a Fit Kit, but taking photos of your horses' hooves in a Standard version fit kit and sending those to us can help us judge the suitability of the L-version.

Flex Boots - sizes 80 - 150

The Hoof Bootique Mixed Fit Kit allows you to size your horses’ feet correctly before ordering your hoof boots, to ensure a perfect fit first time and preventing wasted time and money trying many different sizes. Avoids having to send boots back and forth and takes the guesswork out of fitting. 

The price paid is a deposit only and will be refunded less a Fit Kit Hire Fee. Please read the Terms of Fit Kit Hire below for more information.

Terms of Fit Kit Hire and Fit Kit Hire Fees

The price charged is a deposit on the Hoof Bootique Mixed Fit Kit only. A deposit of £45 is required for up to 6 shells, with a deposit of £90 required for between 7-9 shells. If 9+ shells are selected, a deposit of £135 will be required.

If ordering more than 18 shells, please contact us first as we may require an additional deposit.

Please post your Fit Kit back, clean and dry with no parts missing, dirty or broken, within 14 days of you receiving it (this can be extended, but please contact us first). Please note that there is an additional fee of £2.50 per week for Fit Kits that arrive back more than 21 days after the date they were received.

If you require help in deciding on the next step and have sent an e-mail to us, then please feel free to keep the Fit Kit until you have received a reply (as we may ask you to try the Fit Kit on again). We will not charge the additional fee of £2.50 per week when you are in contact and an extension has been agreed.

If you return the Fit Kit to us and wish to PURCHASE or HIRE a pair of hoof boots at the time of return, you will be refunded the deposit paid LESS our Mixed Fit Kit Hire Fee. A £20 fee will be retained for the first 3 shells chosen with the fee increasing by £2.50 for each extra shell, so you will be charged as follows:

£20 for 3 shells;

£22.50 for 4 shells;

£25 for 5 shells;

£27.50 for 6 shells;

£30 for 7 shells;

£32.50 for 8 shells;

£35 for 9 shells.

An additional Mixed Fit Kit Hire Fee of £2.50 will be charged for each additional shell (if more than 9 are chosen).

If you decide to return the Fit Kit and NOT order or hire any boots at the time of return, and would like a REFUND, you will be refunded the deposit paid LESS the relevant fit kit fee (as above) and LESS an additional £10 ADMIN fee.

If you would like a STORE CREDIT rather than a Refund, the additional £10 ADMIN fee will not retained.

Please note you will be responsible for returning the Fit Kit to us at your cost, and we are not able to refund you until the Fit Kit is received by us so we do recommend a recorded method of postage. If the Fit Kit is returned to us with parts missing, broken or dirty the amount refunded to you will be LESS the cost of putting the Fit Kit right again.

You can use our Royal Mail Returns Service when returning your Fit Kit at a cost of £4.95 (or use a service of your choice). A Royal Mail Returns label will be included with the Fit Kit. Please place the label on your parcel and then you can take it to any Post Office. Please remember to obtain a proof of postage receipt.This service can be more cost effective, especially when returning heavy or large Fit Kits.

Please note, this service is free at the point of posting but a charge of £4.95 will be deducted from your Fit Kit deposit or charged separately if no deposit is due back to you.


Additional Details

Create a custom fit kit of up to 9 fit kit shells:
Price paid is a deposit only - see Fit Kit Hire Fees above for further details
Select the number of shells, then the make, and type the size required:

41 Reviews

  • 5
    Mixed Fit Kit

    Published by Lizzy on 11th Jun 2021

    Having bought boots in the past which have not been suitable for my mare, I highly recommend this service from Hoof Boutique, it is wonderful to be able to try on different makes and sizes of boot shells, Liz has been amazing with her feedback and advice, she is a very knowledgable lady and this time I am confident I will have a comfortable and happy horse.

  • 5
    Mixed fit kit

    Published by Mary Bray on 20th May 2021

    Arrived promptly and intact. Will need some more sizes to try. I am a little slow returning them due to home circumstances.

  • 5
    Mixed Fit Kit - Scoots

    Published by Rachel Cargill on 20th May 2021

    Fit kit arrived swiftly, hoof boutique responses very helpful

  • 5
    Mixed fit kit

    Published by Sam Tree on 18th May 2021

    What a great service. Advised what boots would suit us best and sizes, arrived promptly, tried them all on to see best fit and chose. Returned the kit using pre paid postage receipt with my order, cannot wait to get our new boots and try them out and about.

  • 5
    Mixed Fit Kit

    Published by Anita on 11th May 2021

    Really excellent idea to try the boots first as very difficult to know. Liz is very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Hoof boot kits

    Published by Susanne Freer on 8th May 2021

    Top class service. Could not have managed without the kits and help of Liz who was sooooo helpful. My boy is Clydesdale x Highland with feet wider than they are long so difficult to fit . Ended up with Scoot size 10. Big thank you to the HoofBootique and Liz

  • 5
    Fit kit

    Published by Lesley Sinden on 4th May 2021

    Brilliant idea to try the fit kit before deciding which boots to go for. Liz was extremely helpful and cannot thank her enough.

  • 5
    Fit kits! What a good idea!

    Published by Wendy Moorcroft on 2nd May 2021

    Liz is phenomenal in advising what sizes and models would fit and it is fab to have so many shells to try one to make the right choice! Amazing!

  • 5
    Mixed fit kit

    Published by Linda Shinn on 16th Apr 2021

    Really useful and made purchasing the correct size boots much easier.

  • 5

    Published by Unknown on 6th Apr 2021

    The fit kit is excellent as the boots often dont seem to fit according to manufacturers size charts. Being able to try different brands is great. Arrived very quickly. Best of all is the amazing support from Liz, who is endlessly patient and very knowledgeable about the different boots and fitting. Amazingly helpful, and makes the process of buying hoof boots much easier. Thank you!!!

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