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Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to read our Terms of Fit Kit Hire and about our Fit Kit Fees.

Create a custom fit kit for your horse!

Fit Kits can be invaluable when it comes to finding the right hoof boot for your horse or pony. Unless you are looking at one particular style of boot, generally the best way to approach hoof boot fitting is to have a mixed fit kit. This will allow you to mix and match manufacturers and models, and try a selection of possible styles and sizes. You can then compare the fit of the different boots and find the hoof boot best suited to your horse's hooves.

How does the Hoof Bootique Mixed Fit Kit work?

You can select up to 9 sizes to try, from a selection of manufacturers and models. (If you require more than 9, then please contact us first). Once you receive your Mixed Fit Kit, try the shells on at a standstill only to check the suitability and sizing of the particular boot style. Please feel free to email us photos of the Fit Kit shells on, from the front, side and rear view. Videos can also be helpful, to demonstrate how tightly fitting a particular shell is.

Manufacturers, models and sizes available:

Renegade Classic - sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 2W, 2WW, 4WW

Renegade Viper - sizes 120x110, 125x115, 125x120, 125x125, 130x120, 135x125, 135x130, 135x135, 140x130, 140x135, 140x140, 145x145, 150x150

Equine Fusion - sizes 7 - 16 Slim, sizes 7 - 16 Regular

Scoot Boot - sizes 000 - 11 Regular, sizes 0 - 7 Slim, Mini 1 - 3

Cavallo Cute Little Boot - sizes M1 - M4 Slim, sizes M1 - M4 Regular.

Cavallo Big Foot Boot - sizes 8, 9, 10
*(size 7 is currently unavailable as a fitting shell)

Cavallo (all other models) - sizes 0 - 6 Regular, sizes 0 - 6 Slim

Easyboot Glove (or Back Country) - sizes 00, 00.5, 0, 0 Wide, 0.5, 0.5 Wide, 1, 1 Wide, 1.5, 1.5 Wide, 2, 2 Wide, 2.5, 2.5 Wide, 3, 3 Wide, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5
*Please note there is not a Fit Kit currently available for the Easyboot Trail or Epic

Easyboot Fury - sizes 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4
*(size 0 is currently not available as a fitting shell)
*Please note: the Easyboot Fury Shell fits differently to the Glove/Backcountry shell

Evo Boot - sizes 00, 0, 0W, 1, 1W, 2, 2W, 3, 3W, 3WW, 4, 4W

Floating Boot - sizes M00, M0, M1, M2, M2W, M3, M3W, P00, P0, P1, P2, P3
*Please note: Floating Boots come with various sized gaiters which are not available to try in a Fit Kit. If you are unsure which size gaiter you may need, feel free to get in touch.

Swiss Galopper - sizes SG3 - 8
*Please note: The L-version is not available as a Fit Kit, but taking photos of your horses' hooves in a Standard version fit kit and sending those to us can help us judge the suitability of the L-version.

The Hoof Bootique Mixed Fit Kit allows you to size your horses’ feet correctly before ordering your hoof boots, to ensure a perfect fit first time and preventing wasted time and money trying many different sizes. Avoids having to send boots back and forth and takes the guesswork out of fitting. 

The price paid is a deposit only and will be refunded less a Fit Kit Hire Fee. Please read the Terms of Fit Kit Hire below for more information.

Terms of Fit Kit Hire and Fit Kit Hire Fees

The price charged is a deposit on the Hoof Bootique Mixed Fit Kit only. A deposit of £45 is required for up to 6 shells, with a deposit of £90 required for between 7-9 shells. If 9+ shells are selected, a deposit of £135 will be required.

If ordering 9+ shells, we may require an additional deposit.

Please return the Fit Kit within 10 days of receipt (clean and dry with no parts missing, dirty or broken). If you require the Fit Kit for longer, please contact us first.

If you return the Fit Kit to us and wish to PURCHASE or HIRE a pair of hoof boots at the time of return, you will be refunded the deposit paid LESS the relevant Fit Kit Hire Fee. See below for reference:

£20 fee will be retained if 3 shells were chosen.

£22.50 fee will be retained if 4 shells were chosen.

£25 fee will be retained if 5 shells were chosen.

£27.50 fee will be retained if 6 shells were chosen.

£30 fee will be retained if 7 shells were chosen.

£32.50 fee will be retained if 8 shells were chosen.

£35 fee will be retained if 9 shells were chose

An additional Fit Kit Hire Fee of £2.50 will be charged for each additional shell.

If you decide to return the Fit Kit and NOT order or hire any boots at the time of return, and would like a REFUND, you will be refunded the deposit paid LESS the relevant fit kit fee (as above) and LESS an additional £10 ADMIN fee.

If you would like a STORE CREDIT rather than a Refund, the additional £10 ADMIN fee will not retained.

Please note you will be responsible for returning the Fit Kit to us at your cost, and we are not able to refund you until the Fit Kit is received by us so we do recommend a recorded method of postage. If the Fit Kit is returned to us with parts missing, broken or dirty the amount refunded to you will be LESS the cost of putting the Fit Kit right again. If you would like to use our Royal Mail Returns Service to return your Mixed Fit Kit, this will cost £4.95 and you can find further details here on our Returns Policy page, or under Shipping & Returns.


Additional Details

Create a custom fit kit of up to 9 fit kit shells:
Price paid is a deposit only - see Fit Kit Hire Fees above for further details
Select the number of shells, then the make, and type the size required:

22 Reviews

  • 5
    at help thank you Hoof Boutique.

    Published by Bozena Elizabeth Jakubowska Evans on 12th Nov 2020

    Making a decision about which boots to choose is not easy, but getting the Mixed Fit kit was a great help. Further the help and patience I have experienced from Gemma was and continues to be phenomenal. I am looking forward to receiving the Scoot Boots for my Twiggys hooves.

  • 5
    Mixed fit kit

    Published by Sue on 21st Oct 2020

    This really helped me to find the right boot and size for my boy and the team at hoof bootique managed to get them to me by the required date despite the short notice. Great service

  • 5
    Fit kit

    Published by Michelle on 14th Oct 2020

    This is a really good idea because you can see the hoof and how it sits , i would highly recommend you use this service if you new to boots and the help you get is brilliant too , thank you hoof boutique

  • 5
    Absolute must if buying hoofboots!

    Published by Anna on 10th Oct 2020

    Well, well worth it if you are looking at hoof boots. The chance to try lots of different brands was extremely helpful to find the best fit. The guidance and input from Liz at the Hoof Boutique was also extremely useful. Cannot recommend this strongly enough for any hoof boot buyer!

  • 5
    Great idea to get the right fit

    Published by Susan on 1st Oct 2020

    Such a great idea to try on lots of sizes / shapes because even though you think you have an idea of what might be right for your horse, you dont really until you give a few a go. We found the perfect size and fit by using this product, well worth the investment for on-going happy hooves!

  • 4
    Mixed fit kit

    Published by Natasha Evans on 26th Sep 2020

    The advice from the hoof bootique has been second to none. This is a whole new and slightly scary world to me and they are really helping. The kits is a wonderful idea that is done well however a few points that I think could be improved are as follows:
    I would like all shells to be able to put on rather than a platform this is especially true for back feet sizing but this is not the fault of hoof boutique but something the manufacturers should consider as with all different fit requirements for shells it can be a very lengthy and difficult process.
    Second free return postage I would rather pay slightly more and get this. But overall a very good experience

    Hi Natasha, thank you for taking the time to do this review. We are working on a How To Use Our Fit Kits page for our website, to give more detailed instructions on how to use the different makes, as the type of Fit Kit shell does really vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also, thinking about the return postage, then we do offer a Royal Mail Returns Service which is free to use at the point of posting, and then the cost (£4.95) is deducted from your Fit Kit Deposit. Sorry if this is not clear.

    The Hoof Bootique Team

  • 5
    Well worth doing!

    Published by Sarah McCarthy on 24th Sep 2020

    If your are new into hoof boots and/or looking for the right brand. The fit kit is a really Beneficial way of helping your decision. Having found, You can measure your horses hooves and think you know which size you require. And also be set on a certain brand of hoof boot. Actually the shape of your horses hooves may determine otherwise once you try the boot. In my case I would have potentially spent a bit of money trying to get the correct size and brand. Above all the the customer care and help with the fitting was so helpful. I really appreciated this aspects too.

  • 5
    Fit kit for Scoot Boots

    Published by Mark Richardson on 24th Sep 2020

    A great idea to be able to try the different sizes on, much easier to see which size fits best. I will now be ordering Scoot Boots from your store. Thank you.

  • 5
    Fit kit

    Published by Margaret Milsom on 25th Aug 2020

    This was really useful and to be able to order three fits and even a mixed fit is well worth it. The one I thought was not the one that fit !

  • 4
    Fit kit

    Published by Christine Greenough on 25th Aug 2020

    Very helpful service. After viewing photos sent of foot measurements was advised several types to try in the fit kit which worked well and took the guesswork out of purchasing hoof boots

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