Hoof Bootique Therapeutic (Closed Cell) Pads (1 pair)

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The Hoof Bootique Therapeutic (Closed Cell) Pads can be used in all makes and models of Hoof Boots, if designed to be used with thick pads. Generally the best boots are from the Cavallo range, or the Easyboot Trail or the Old Mac G2. They can also work in the Equine Fusion range of boots. They are too thick for lower profile hoof boots that fit closely around the hoof capsule, such as the Scoot Boot. You may need to go for the next boot size up, if the boots don't have room for a thick pad. 

These pads are designed to increase comfort and are great at cushioning hoof boots to treat laminitic, or very footsore horses. They can also provide support so that all horses, sound or unsound, are encouraged to move correctly, whilst also reducing concussion and providing shock absorption. 

Our Hoof Bootique Therapeutic Pads are made from a resilient and flexible closed-cell foam. This makes them extremely durable and able to handle repeated shocks and impacts. We sell three types of firmness...

Soft 178x178x26mm - These pads have a density of 58kg/m³ (similar to 4lb EPS/Sole Mates pads). These are good for smaller ponies or if your horse is very sore (they will wear out more quickly if used on a horse, but may be more comfortable for your horse at first if they are having a laminitic episode or are very footsore).

Medium 178x178x26mm -These pads have a density of 105kg/m³ (similar to 7lb EPS/Sole Mates pads). These should be the best pad for most horses or larger ponies. If you find they are too hard, then you may need to try the Soft pad. 

Firm 229x229x25mm - These pads have a density of 140kg/m³ (similar to 9lb EPS/Sole Mates pads). These are for very large/heavy horses.

Please note: Pads are only meant for temporary use and should not be left on continuously. Hoof Boots should be taken off daily to check, clean and air the hooves and boots. When using pads for rehabilitation, they should only be applied during exercise (hand-walking or for ridden work in boots) and for turn out. They can cause excessive moisture retention if left on for prolonged periods which can lead to softening of the sole and possibly an increase in hoof infections.

If using pads daily and for long periods at a time, it can be best to have 2 pairs of pads so that you can alternate them. This will give you a chance to clean the pads and allow them to puff back up a little (putting them somewhere warm should help them reshape a little). When using pads for long periods, this will cause them to wear out faster.

The pads will need cutting to size.


If you are replacing a pad which still had a good shape you can use this as a template to draw around onto the new pad. Alternatively you can make your own template following these steps...

  1. Take some tin foil about twice the length of your boot.
  2. Fold the foil in half.
  3. Place the foil inside your boot and scrunch down the edges of the foil up against the inside of the boot around the sole.
  4. Carefully remove the foil and place onto your new pad and trace around the edges.
  5. Cut the pad out carefully. As the pads are quite thick and dense, until you are used to cutting through the material, it may be best to cut the pads a little large. You can always rasp or trim off any excess once you have tried it in your boot. 

Below you can find a very useful video by Hoof Geek explaining how to Fit EPS Pads...

2 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Kimberley Bishop on 18th Mar 2024

    These pads are great sed for my pony recovering from laminitis they work a treat

  • 5

    Published by Lorna Holmes on 26th Oct 2023

    These are brilliant for hoof support and comfort in boots for recovering laminitics. Service and delivery always superb from Hoof Bootique thank you

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