Evo Boot 1.19 Bulb Shield

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Sold in Singles or Pairs

The new Evo Boot 1.19 Bulb Shield now only requires the screws to secure the bulb shield to the Evo Boot, as the threading is now in the bulb shield itself! The bulb shield liner is both soft and flexible, for maximum comfort for your horse. The liner is now also removable, with no glue required. 

The Evo Boot 1.19 Bulb Shield also features two new holes to give even more adjustment options and is quick an easy to change using an Allen Key.

Includes (for a pair) :

  • 2  Bulb Shields
  • 4 Spare Screws
  • 4 Spare Washers
  • 1 Allen Key

The Evo Boot 1.19 Bulb Shield comes in five different sizes: 

  • S1 to fit sizes 00 to 0
  • S2 to fit sizes 0W to 1
  • S3 to fit sizes 1W to 2W
  • S4 to fit sizes 3 to 3W
  • S5 to fit sizes 3WW to 4W