Scoot Boot Anti-Slip Shims

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The Scoot Anti-Slip Shim is constructed of a specifically formulated non-slip material that is inserted into the front of the Scoot between the hoof and the boot.

The Scoot Shim will provide two big benefits to a Scoot fit:

- extra security when the hoof gets wet and slippery

- acts as a filler providing a firmer fit when the hoof is in between sizes or the hoof has shrunk in dry conditions.

Available in 3 sizes!

Extra Small - fits Scoot boot sizes 000, 00, 0

Small - fits Scoot boot sizes 1, 2, 3

Medium - fits Scoot boot sizes 4, 5, 6

Large - fits Scoot boot sizes 7, 8, 9

Includes one pair!