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Scoot Boot Hybrid Gaiter (pair)

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Introducing the Scoot Boot Hybrid Gaiter! The Hybrid Gaiter merges the best features of our Trail Gaiter and Endurance Gaiter into one versatile and protective solution.

The Hybrid Gaiter is similar to Scoot Boots Trail Gaiter, with the addition of wings that fit snugly around the inside Scoot Boot wall and are glued into place. It has a minimalist design and is made of soft neoprene. 

It combines the excellent heel strap protection of the Trail Gaiter while combining the protective properties of the Endurance Gaiter for the upper hoof and skin area, which can be prone to rubbing. All while keeping the hoof and pastern cool when riding in hot conditions and preventing the build-up of sand.  

The Hybrid Gaiter eliminates the need for pastern wrapping, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both the horse and the rider.

What horses is the Hybrid Gaiter suitable for?

The Hybrid Gaiter is recommended for horses that need added protection on the trails beyond what the traditional Trail Gaiter can offer, but do not need pastern protection.  It benefits sensitive-skinned horses, especially those with white hooves and socks. Additionally, it is ideal for riding in sandy terrain or hot weather to prevent overheating. 

The hybrid gaiter is a cut down version of the endurance gaiter. It provides protection for the rear quarter of the hoof and keeps it cooler in hot climates. Can be glued to the boot to provide extra stability.

What is included?

Comes with 2 Hybrid Gaiters (1 pair) and 1 tube of Glue.

How to fit the Hybrid Gaiter

Watch how to fit the Hybrid Gaiter to your Scoot Boots in this video.

Hybrid Gaiter sizing

Extra Small fits Scoot boot size 0 to size 1
Small fits Scoot boot size 2 to size 3
Medium fits Scoot boot size 4 to size 6
Large fits Scoot boot size 7 to size 8

There is currently not a size suited for boot sizes 9, 10 and 11.



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