Old Mac G2

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G2's will fit a wide variety of hoof shapes.

Easy to fit and remove.

High density foam collar covered in waterproof leather.

High quality laminated, waterproof 1000 Denier Nylon upper (please note the boot is not designed to actually be waterproof itself).

Unique shock absorption outsole provides superb traction on all surfaces.

Natural breakover.

Caters for a wide range of hoof shapes which has helped make it one of the most popular hoof boots in the UK today.

Now available in 13 sizes (0 - 12).

GOOD CHOICE FOR: Horses with slightly longer than wide hooves, but also usually work well on round and long hooves (inserts and/or gaiters are needed for excessively long hooves, see accessories).

PLEASE NOTE: The G2s won’t fit horses with wider than long hooves. They are not intended for long distance or endurance riding. The boots are supplied in pairs only (one left, one right), with a net storage bag and a pair of Old Mac gaiters.

The Old Mac's G2 is a sleeker, more fine tuned version of the popular Old Mac’s original hoof boot. Still retaining many of the innovative features of the original boot but with some important improvements, the G2 has become one of the most popular hoof boots in the UK. The Old Mac’s G2 feature the TPU patented hi-tech performance outsole incorporating the unique hoof suspension system, but with a redesigned sole to provide aggressive, yet slightly more sympathetic traction. The boot has been rounded to allow a more natural breakover, and there is a reinforced front plate on the boot for added protection and wear resistance. One of the most important features is the shape of the boot which allows the G2 to fit a far wider range of hoof shapes successfully. This boot is ideally suited to a hoof that is slightly longer than wide, but also works well on a variety of hoof shapes. The G2 is one of the only solutions (when used with inserts) to cater for horses with excessively long hooves (often the result of illness or injury), as well as the rounder shape of some horses front feet.

Old Mac's can also be used during transport over metal shoes* to help protect the horse from bulb and tendon damage as well as hoof wall and sole bruising. The exceptional traction helps improve the horses confidence when loading.

Old Mac's G2's are supplied with a pair of neoprene gaiters, ideal for use on thin skinned horses prone to being rubbed, or with thin pasterns. The optional gaiters are also very useful when first using new boots, or on a longer than usual ride (the same way you would wear socks with new shoes to prevent rubs).

*Use of any hoof boots over metal shoes will invalidate any warranties.