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Sold as a pair

Available in 20 sizes (7 - 16 and 7 Slim - 16 Slim).

Same excellent tread as the All Terrain model but with a new, improved upper. Easier to fit, allows a closer and more adjustable fit, and with extra padding at the front.

Equine Fusion is a Norwegian company which since 2005 has developed a new type of hoof boot - a flexible, light and durable Jogging Shoe that protects the horse’s hooves from shock, wear and unnatural pressure. First they developed the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe Ultra - a new dimension in hoof protection and hoof boots/shoes. The world's first jogging shoe for horses! They then added the Performance and Ultimate Jogging Shoes to their collection, and then the All Terrain. The All Terrain tread has proven to be so successful and popular, there are now 3 models available with the All Terrain tread - the All Terrain, the All Terrain Ultra and now the ACTIVE!

The Active Jogging Shoe hoof boot consists of the cone locking mechanism and a heel design which enables the unrestricted natural movement of the heels, and padding in the front of the boot for comfort. They are being sold in pairs to allow for a smooth inner side of the boot with a smart lock on the outside.

The Active Jogging shoe has the well-known All Terrain sole with a unique tread design which provides excellent grip with an optimal break over, and great dampening and stability. The testing Equine Fusion did at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences showed that the All Terrain sole reduces the maximum loads on the hoof at the early landing/ touchdown phase.

The primary advantage of Active Jogging Shoe hoof boot is the remarkable wide-ranging suitability for rehabilitation, all terrain riding, and jumping.

The slim series is designed for best fit on hind hooves due to narrow sole shape and a lower back part. (However, the Equine Fusion slim models may also be suitable for front hooves in many cases.)

Correct size and proper fit are very important, if not you may experience twisting. The All Terrain Ultra model is a good alternative if you are not able to fit this model properly.


  • The engineered flexible and elastic jogging shoe, allows the hoof to sink into the rubber sole and allows the hoof to have full contact with the sole to secure natural blood flow and hoof functions.
  • The cone locking mechanism has a heel design which enables the unrestricted natural movement of the heels.
    With the improved rubber sole the Active Jogging Shoe provides the horse with more dampening and stability.
  • Can be used if your horse is suffering from or is in rehabilitation period from any lower limb/hoof problems such as laminitis, hoof sensitivity, abscesses, etc.

The amount of grip will change if the surface is wet. Always consider safety for horse and rider regarding wet/dry surfaces.

Can be used with pads, although not normally necessary due to the design of the boot. Some particularly sensitive or footsore horses may be more comfortable using the boots with the Equine Fusion Dampening Pad - a new type of pad designed specifically for use in the Equine Fusion range of boots.

Please find the Dampening Pad here.

Key Features:

  • Easy to fasten – cone fasten mechanism with Velcro and a smart look.
  • No straps or bands.
  • Easy on and easy off.
  • Large size range – 20 sizes available to fit miniature ponies through to large hooves!
  • The model also comes in a slim version.
  • Adjustable front cover.
  • Cone fasten mechanism with Velcro and a smart lock.
  • Can be used for turnout in paddock/fields.
  • Smart lock for extra fastening security.
  • Optimal break over.
  • The same tested and well proven sole as the All Terrain.
  • Unique tread design provides you with excellent grip.
  • Additional padding in the front.

You can view the size chart for the Equine Fusion Active here.

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5 Reviews

  • 5
    Good boots

    Published by Carol on 24th Jun 2020

    Lovely fit looking forward to many miles of riding in them

  • 5
    Equine fusion

    Published by Jane marsh on 3rd Jun 2020

    A great fit. Quality product

  • 5
    Equine fusion active

    Published by Harriet Pridding on 2nd Jun 2020

    I’m really impressed with these boots . This is my first experience going bare foot and using hoof boots. These boots have really helped make the transition and still be able to work my horse. They look super smart. They are really simple to fit. And so far seem very durable. My horse is really comfortable in them and really strides out in a way that he never has before. So far we have hacked and schooled including canter in the school and they have been excellent. I would definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Equine Fusion

    Published by Charlotte on 16th Apr 2020

    These boots fit my Lusitano a treat. We tried many different fit kits, sent many emails and pictures to the team at hoof bootique but it was worth the effort in the end. My horse was more comfortable on the roads with his Equine Fusion boots from day one. We took things slowly, as the team suggested allowing him to get used to them. They never rubbed his feet or heels. I'm not sure how they'd be in deep sand or something but they have allowed us to enjoy hacking again.

  • 5
    Hoof boots

    Published by Emma Spice on 16th Jan 2020

    I can not recommend these boots and this service enough. After several emails back and forth with pictures of my pony’s feet, I was advised to go for these equine fusions. So far they have been great for my recovering laminitic. She is more than comfortable to walk down a Stoney drive to the sand school for her daily turnout. They have not rubbed or slipped and she seems completely unfazed about wearing them. Thanks again for a first class service

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