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Equine Fusion Recovery Shoe (Pairs)

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Please note these boots are currently Special Order only, we have a few sizes in stock but otherwise the wait time is 3-6 weeks for dispatch.

The Equine Fusion Recovery hoof boot – a new model recommended for rehabilitation and transport NOT for ridden work.

Please note that this boot is not 100% waterproof, even though the waterproof material does help bounce off a lot of water. There is still a possibility for water to get in the boot, even from the top. 

Available in Regular sole only!

The Recovery boot consists of the well-known All Terrain sole with a unique tread design which provides excellent grip with an optimal break over, great dampening and stability. The upper part is a waterproof elastic neoprene material. Waterproof zipper and elastic strap together with a heel design which enables the unrestricted natural movement of the heels.

The engineered flexible and elastic recovery shoe allows the hoof to sink into the rubber sole and allows the hoof to have full contact with the sole to secure natural blood flow and hoof functions.

Recovery shoe is ideal for your horse in a rehabilitation period or suffering from any lower limb/hoof problems such as laminitis, hoof sensitivity, abscesses,medical treatment etc.

Easy to use:

  • Easy to open the shoe wide, put the shoe on the hoof.
  • Elastic neoprene with zipper and elastic strap to tightened.
  • Easy to take off.


  • The elastic upper part makes it adaptable for hoofs with odd shape, form and angles.
  • This model is recommended for rehabilitation and transport.

Stay on:

  • Due to the adaptable upper and the fastening system you can fasten the shoe tight around the hoof to stay on.
  • The shoe can be used for turnout in paddock/fields during rehabilitation.


  • The engineered flexible and elastic recovery shoe allows the hoof to sink into therubber sole and allows the hoof to have full contact with the sole to secure natural blood flow and hoof functions.
  • Optimal break over.
  • The upper part is a waterproof elastic neoprene material. Waterproof zipper and elastic strap together with a heel design which enables the unrestricted natural movement of the hoof.
  • The upper part is soft and comfortable for the horse.


  • Our unique tread design provides you with excellent grip. The amount of grip will change if the surface is wet. Always consider safety for horse and rider regarding wet/dry surfaces.

Technical Features:

  • Sole thickness 10mm – 14mm depending on size.
  • Tread element thickness 5mm – 7mm depending on size.
  • Optional drainage holes each side of the sole - you can easily create these using a hole punch if necessary.
  • Locking mechanism is waterproof zipper and elastic strap.
  • Available in regular type from size 7 – 16.

You can view the size chart for the Equine Fusion Recovery here.

Weight per boot and Break Over Point of the Equine Fusion Recovery.


3 Reviews

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    Short lifespan and unfixable once broken!

    Published by Gemma Henry on 4th Jan 2022

    My mini has been recovering from rotation after a lami episode and having persevered with the cavallo clb but struggling with the fit and rubbing partly due to the fact he has high heels (a work in progress); but also because they wouldnt stay on with thick pads in which was necessary at the time as he needed to protect his fairly thin soles; the equine fusion recovery were recommended. For 3 months they were fantastic: never came off, could fit large pads in and helped us get through a crucial period of realigning. However, the pads often would slip back so regularly needed resetting (something which i was happy to do as preferred this over the boot coming off completely. I also found his feet got quite hot on warm days but again this was preferred over him losing a boot as during the hot spells he would be brought into the stable to try and keep cool where the boots would be coming off anyway (he always has a short break in the day in the stable without his boots on). Those two drawbacks I would happily have accepted and would still be using the boots now if it was not for the huge drawback that is, the zip has broken (come off the runner) and because of the way the boot is made (zip built into the boot) I cannot get them fixed which is very frustrating and for the price I would not recommend them as three months wear is simply not enough for the price. I had high hopes for these boots and one expectation is that they would last and even when not needed daily could be stored ready for any days he got a bit sore. I have since had to buy another pair of cavallos clb which still do not fit as well as I would like and they rub the heel bulbs but thankfully we are hopefully coming to the end of the rehab period and thinner pads can be used which will hopefully help them fit better and he is starting to have time out without boots. --- Hi Gemma, Thank you for your feedback on this product. We are so sorry to hear that the zipper has broken on your boot after only 3 months of use. We have been in touch with Equine Fusion and have arranged to replace these boots under warranty for you. Many thanks, The Hoof Bootique Team.

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    Recovery shoes for laminitic mini

    Published by Bev on 25th Feb 2021

    They look well made and robust and they are fairly easy to put on and take off. These boots are a snug fit after trimming for my mini shetland who has had laminitis and has very soft and tender soles. He appears to be much more comfortable in them and is moving a lot more. They do get rather damp inside from sweat as they are a close fit right up to the fetlock so you have to take them off regularly to let them and the foot dry. I have only been using for a week so can not yet comment on how durable they will be. update 1/4/21: I just wanted to let you know how pleased I’ve been with these boots. I ordered them for a laminitic non-ridden mini shetland. I tried using cavallo CLBs but as he was needing to wear them for a lot of the time when it was very cold, they had rubbed above his heels despite using various inserts and packing. The equine fusion recovery boots however have been absolutely excellent and he has worn them for up to 48 hours straight with no problems. I’m now removing them for a few hours every day as he is improving, but not because there is any rubbing at all. I’ve got 2 suggestions that I’ve found helpful for using these boots. The first is to use silicone lubricant on the zips to keep them running smoothly and I also wash the boots every other day or so to make sure no dirt or hairs get stuck in them. They are easy to wash and they dry very quickly. Secondly, I’ve found that using mud buddy powder dusted around the inside of the boot really helps to slip it back on the hoof very easily. My pony hooves measured in the middle of the range for this size boot and they have been a good fit throughout the trim cycle (which is only 4-5 weeks atm because of the lami). So I’m very happy with these boots. They seem well made and tougher than perhaps they look, and they’re doing a really good job for my pony.

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    bonne qualité

    Published by maud on 27th Nov 2020

    The shoes are made of neoprene and are very comfortable, no buttress that rubs the foot. The fabric of the shoe perfectly hugs the foot. The zipper is a little light, but even if it loosens the elastic that surrounds the foot is there and maintains the shoe perfectly. I use them on my exhausted horse, severe laminitis, necrosis and abscesses. I was able to add a slight sole in it. The shoes are very easy to put on and take off. no worries on a horse that gives very little feet.

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