Cavallo BLING Entry Level Boot (single boot)

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If the size required is on backorder, then we may have it available in Black, or in the Trek, Simple or Sport Model.

The Trek, Simple and Sport fit slightly differently around the upper, but the base/tread is the same as the ELB.

Please note the Cavallo Entry Level Boot BLING! is a special order item that we order in direct from our supplier when a boot is ordered. If you require Priority Dispatch please allow an extra 24 hours for shipping.

Available now in the stylish and fun BLING material!

Sold individually.

Cavallo Entry Level Boot (ELB) Combines quality and affordabilty.

  • Great for those new to barefoot looking for hoof boots.
  • Brilliant for rehabilition and therapeutic purposes.

For those still “nervous” about making the shift to becoming ‘barefoot and booted’, and those who are already barefoot but require protection only on limited occasions, the Entry Level Boot is the perfect solution. The ELB is also ideal for rehabilitation and therapeutic purposes, and it makes an excellent ‘spare tyre’ for a lost shoe.

The replaceable Velcro closure extends the working life of the ELB in the event of Velcro fatigue. Easily fastened by 8 and 80 year-olds alike, the strap does not require a screwdriver, extra physical strength or any other tools. The ELB is offered on both Cavallo’s soles – our Regular Sole, (length and width equal) and our Slim Sole ( width is ¼” or 5mm narrower than length). Both soles incorporate the unique, built in side drainage slots – which drain mud, water and sand easily and will not clog up.

The Trek and ELB (Entry Level Boots) are the best choices for finer-boned horses. Both styles have a unique front-closure system that allows for an extra-snug fit on the upper portion of the boot – creating a very secure fit.

On a finer-boned animal, the wrap-around Velcro closures can be drawn to the front on an angle downward when the boot is being fastened, creating an almost “V” neck at the boot collar, and tightening the fit.

Key features:

  • Easy on - Stay on
  • Replaceable Velcro closure
  • Soft foam collar
  • Fits right or left hoof
  • Reflective logo for safety
  • Available individually - can fit right or left hoof
  • Sold as singles so an ideal boot to have if you lose a shoe.
  • Available in 7 sizes ( 0 – 6 )

You can view the size chart for the Cavallo ELB here.

See the videos below for some measuring and fitting advice for Cavallo boots!

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