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The Natural Trim: Principles and Practice by Jamie Jackson Jamie Jackson's latest book The most current step-by-step trimming instructions for the natural trim For Natural Hoof Care Professionals, Farriers, Barefoot Trimmers, Vets and Horse Owners!

The Natural Trim: Principles and Practice
by Jamie Jackson

With a new title, the contents of the original AANHCP (Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices) Official Trimming Guidelines have been completely revised, updated and expanded from 110 pages to 320 pages, with many new sections added!

This guide has the most current step-by-step trimming instructions for the natural trim. Includes detailed instructions for:

* Identifying and mimicking key natural wear patterns to generate naturally shaped hooves
* How to never "sore" or over-trim any hoof
* Trimming in harmony with a horse's natural break-over, conformation, and gait
* Trimming laminitic hooves or a club foot
* Activating key structures to stimulate growth in over-shortened or "invaded" hoof capsules
* Restoring "run-under" and "slipper toe" hooves to their natural shapes and angles
* Taking precise angle and length measurements

Natural hoof care encourages a sound, healthy and rugged hoof to grow from the inside out. The natural trim, together with other elements of natural hoof care, are your best defence against unnatural problem hooves. The result is a happier, healthier horse.

Author Jaime Jackson is an acknowledged expert in the the field of natural hoof care, pioneering the way in 1992 with his landmark book, The Natural Horse. This newest book, The Natural Trim: Principles & Practice, is based on Jackson's original 4 year study of wild horses and his many years of adapting those results with great success to his work with domestic horses.

Jackson uses elements of math, science, art and quantum physics to provide exact trimming instructions -- and get excellent results. With this book, you can too!

What's inside the book:

The Natural Trim: Principles and Practice
Table of Contents:

Part 1: Principles
Introduction to Part 1: What is Natural Hoof Care?
1 - The Perfectly Natural Hoof
2 - The Four Pillars of Natural Hoof Care
3 - Major Structures of the Horse’s Foot
4 - Wear Characteristics of the Naturally Shaped Hoof
5 - What is a Natural Trim?
6 - The Healing Angle and Other Critical Measurements
7 - Hoof Form and Function

Part 2: Practice
Introduction to Part 2: Readying Ourselves to Trim
8 – Trimming the Biodynamically Balanced Hoof
9 – Trimming the Laminitic Hoof
10 – Trimming the Lamintic Hoof with Dropped Sole
11 – Trimming the Clubfoot
12 – Trimming the Wry Foot
13 – Trimming the Bull-nosed Foot
14 – Trimming the Donkey (Burro) and Mule
15 – Notching the Hoof
16 – Shoe Pulling

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