Sweet Oil

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- Helps to keep horses skin comfortable - Soothes irritation and itchiness through the summer months - Made using neem oil, skin friendly almond oil and Saltidin®

Sweet Oil is a soothing horse skin moisturiser that relieves irritation and helps horses stay itch free during mild months. With soothing neem oil, skin-friendly almond oil and Saltadin, Sweet Oil offers all-day moisturisation to help horses resist the urge to rub.
To use, simply rub the oil well into the crest, tailhead and other areas prone to dry, irritated skin. Keeping a horses skin nourished and moisturised can help horses resist the urge to rub and supports natural regrowth of hair.

Neem oil
An essential oil with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Sweet almond oil

A soothing, moisturising oil that helps balance moisture uptake and loss.

Saltidin (10%)
A state-of-the-art synthetic compound used to soothe, moisturise and reduce irritation.

Bog myrtle oil
A sweet-smelling oil that soothes and comforts dry skin.

Supplied in 500ml and 2.5L Refill.

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