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The Easyboot Glove Shell is a SPECIAL ORDER item which is non-returnable.

Sold in packs of 4.

The Easyboot Glove Shell is a high performance hoof boot designed with competitive or long-distance riding in mind, when a reliable hardware-free hoof boot is required. The lightweight Easyboot Glove Shell has thin walls that allow the boot to stretch and hug the hoof, resembling a second skin and it can be glued on to the hoof. This boot is the next best thing to a bare hoof, providing protection without excess weight or bulk. The Easyboot Glove Shell, when used as a glue on hoof boot, is designed to be disposable, being thrown away after one or two outings. You will need to remove all the glue from the interior before using a second time, as glue left on the inside of the boot may affect performance. It is not recommended to leave the boot on continuously for more than 10 days in a dry environment or 5 days in a wet, humid environment.

You can purchase an Easyboot Glove gaiter (or Back Country gaiters) and covert these boots to Gloves or Back Country if desired to prolong the life of the boot, or to repair a damanged or worn Easyboot Glove or Back Country. If previously glued on all glue must be removed for the boot to continue to work successfully and not cause rubbing or bruising to the hoof.

Please note, boot alterations will invalidate any warranty, and if done incorrectly, you may have boot retention or rubbing problems.

It is possible for you to modify or trim down the shell - the rear of the shell can be lowered or even removed to accommodate horses with low heels. Trimming the heel area will not affect the application or holding power of the glue (but you would loose the option of fitting gaiters and invalidate any warranty). The Power strap can also be used to give a closer fit if required (available separately).

Accurate metric measurements and a snug fit are essential to the success of the Easyboot Glove Shell and Glove, and it is recommended the Fit Kit is used first to determine size when possible.

If used as a glue on hoof boot, the Easyboot Glove Shell will not suit riders who want a boot that can be removed after each ride or reused.

A good choice for horses with slightly longer than wide hooves (Standard fitting), or horses with round or slightly wider than long hooves (Wide fitting) who need a reliable boot for endurance events, fun rides, multi-day rides/ holidays or any occasion where the horse needs a low maintenance hardware free hoof boot (when glued on).

Please note that the boot will not work for horses with hooves whose width and length measurements do not fit in the same Glove size on the size chart. If using the Easyboot Glove Shell as a glue on hoof boot, it must be applied by a Registered Farrier.

Key Features:

  • Seamless boot hugs the hoof, with no cables, buckles or fixings to catch or come undone.
  • Can be used to replace the shell on a Glove or Back Country hoof boot.
  • If using as a glue on, requires time, preparation and a special glue to apply - must be applied by a Registered Farrier.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Stretchy boot material hugs the hoof for a smooth, snug fit and acts like a bare hoof.
  • Fits below the hairline so no risk of rubbing - the ideal hoof boot for the performance horse.
  • Fit kit available to hire, to help choose the right boot size (or use the Glove Shell to create your own Fit Kit)
  • Available in 20 sizes, including ½ sizes (00 - 5) and Wide (0 – 3)

You can view the size chart for the Easyboot Glove here.

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Special Order
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Sold in pack of 4 shells

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