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The Easyboot Glove Soft 2018, this boot has a new and improved soft elastic gaiter. Like a glove, the boot hugs the hoof and responds like a natural foot. It fits like a second skin and doesn't add bulk, width or hinder mobility.

Available in 20 sizes, including ½ sizes (00 - 5) and Wide (0 – 3).

The Easyboot Glove is a unique and innovative hoof boot from the Easycare range that gives a form-fitting, seamless fit - the next best thing to being totally barefoot. The Easyboot Glove is flexible yet tough, and adds traction to the hoof whilst allowing a free stride and quick break over. When fitted correctly, this hoof boot fits like a glove, providing protection without stifling mobility. The boot material stretches over the hoof and clings to the wall so that debris stays out of the boot, even through sandy and muddy conditions.

The Easyboot Glove must be carefully sized and fitted to the hoof. The horses’ width and length measurements must fall within the same size for this boot to fit and be successful. The Power strap is also available to give a closer fit if desired (see parts and accessories).

Accurate metric measurements and a snug fit are essential to the success of the Glue-on and Glove. The Easycare Fit Kit is the ideal way to determine the suitability and/ or size of the Easyboot Glove for a horse’s hooves and it is recommended to use this first to ensure the correct size is selected.

This boot is a good choice for horses with slightly longer than wide hooves (Glove), and horses with round and slightly wider than long hooves (Glove Wide). Ideal for long distance riding, endurance or all day rides but equally suitable for any horse whose measurements fit the size chart correctly for everyday riding, schooling and competition (where permitted). The best choice for horses that have a tendency to over reach or brush due to the lack of hardware and faster break over.

Please note that the Glove will not work for horses with hooves whose width and length measurements do not fit in the same Glove size on the size chart. The success of this boot is determined by a precise fit.

Key Features:

  • Seamless boot hugs the hoof, with no cables, buckles or fixings on the front to catch or come undone.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Stretchy boot material acts like a bare hoof.
  • The ideal hoof boot for the performance horse.
  • Fit kit available to hire, to help choose the right boot size.
  • Available in 20 sizes, including ½ sizes (00 - 5) and Wide (0 – 3).

The amount of grip will change if the surface is wet. Always consider safety for horse and rider regarding wet/dry surfaces.

You can view the size chart for the Easyboot Glove Soft here.

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Pair of Gloves size 0.5

    Published by Liz Sutton on 3rd Jun 2022

    I bought a pair of these boots in 2010 but have only used them occasionally hence they have lasted so long! In the last couple of years I have used them much more so they are now wearing on the soles and starting to slip occasionally. I re-measured my mares hooves and asked Liz for advice and suggestions. In the end I decided to go with the boots I know but in a smaller size as her feet are now kept shorter than in the past. Liz warned they might be a snug fit and they certainly are but after a few outings they are starting to become easier to get on - harder to get off in fact! No slipping, rubbing or twisting so far and we have cantered quite a bit and ridden for just over an hour at a time so I am confident they were the right choice. I think as they are a good tight fit they will be less likely to come off at speed which the old boots used to do. Many thanks Liz for the excellent advice.

  • 5
    Easyboot glove

    Published by Yvonne Marsay on 4th May 2022

    Amazing hoof boot stays on no matter what, rivers, bogs, mountainous terrain, when new they should be a snug fit hard to get off but the do stretch so do not be tempted to go up a size.

  • 5
    Easyboot glove soft

    Published by Sarah tanner on 13th Dec 2021

    I have been using gloves on now 17 year old arab for 10 years , they are the best investment you can make , they last ages , stay on even in the thickest mud and dont rub

  • 5
    Easyboot gloves for my Arab are a perfect fit , we both couldnt be happier.

    Published by June Powell on 29th Sep 2021

    Thank you Liz for your never ending advice and support. So glad I bought these boots. After finally deciding which ones to use a quick email to order, as they were in stock they arrived 48 hrs later, superb.

  • 5
    Easyboot glove

    Published by Harriet Ray on 25th May 2021

    Thanks to all the endless help and advice from Liz, I have at last found the right hoof boot that suits the horse and me. Over the years I have tried several different types of boot on my Spanish stallion but because of his dishing action he would always twist off the near fore. I overlooked the easy boot glove thinking it would not be strong enough to stay on but how wrong I was! It fits nice and snug, is light and easy to put on and take off and most importantly stays in place. I cannot be more pleased. So far I have trialled it through flood water, muddy bridleways and sharp stones and hooray the boot does not move. Thank you again Liz for all your help.

  • 5
    easyboot gloves

    Published by Barbara Bradby on 12th Apr 2021

    Far the best hoof boots I have come across, great for road work. Hoof bootique provides a great service!

  • 5
    Love these boots and this company!

    Published by Joana on 14th Mar 2021

    Thanks to Liz and her patience answering all my emails and questions, we were able to find the perfect set of boots :) the easyboot glove fits really well, so far it has only been around the village but I cannot wait to try it out on long hacks, and I have no doubt that they will be great!

  • 5
    Easyboot glove soft

    Published by Gillian Brown on 2nd Dec 2020

    Arrived really quickly, fit perfectly (thanks for your help with that, Gemma!)

  • 5
    Love these boots!

    Published by Vivienne on 23rd Nov 2020

    I have a barefoot TB in transition who is wider than long and my trimmer tried these on him after i had been struggling with other makes. These are perfect, slim, easy to put on and take off and have not yet come off even at a gallop, i like how slimline they are and horse even now taps his toe when i put them on! lifesaver.

  • 4
    I can not remember where I bought my easiboot gloves in the first place as it was over 5 years ago. My horse lost one and I never found it. So this is a replacement upgrade with a better velcro strap. It was more expensive than I remember but hopeful

    Published by Stephanie Goodacre on 14th May 2020

    See above

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