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Scoot Ice Studs are small metal studs inserted into the bottom of Scoot Boots to enhance your horse’s traction on slippery surfaces, such as ice and slippery grass.

This Applicator Tool can fit in a drill that takes a 1/4" drill bit, or our Universal Manual Handle 1/4" which can be purchased separately HERE.

What is included?
20 x Scoot Ice Studs
1 x Scoot Ice Stud Applicator

How to install Ice Studs into Scoot Boots

To insert Ice Studs into the bottom of Scoot Boots, you will need to:

1. Select the required position to insert the Ice Studs. You need an equal amount of Ice Studs on each side of the Scoot Boot and in the same position

2. Drill a starting hole with a handheld battery drill with a 3/16” drill bit, 5mm (1/4”) deep into the Scoot. Do not drill completely through the sole of the Scoot

3. Insert the Ice Stud tool from the Scoot Ice Studs Pack into the drill and slowly screw the Ice Studs into the prepared holes made in the sole of the Scoot

4. Ensure the head of the Ice Stud is sitting snug against the sole of the Scoot

Remove Ice Studs from your Scoot Boots when they are not needed. To remove the Ice Studs, set the drill to reverse and slowly remove the studs. You can still use your Scoots without the studs and the removed Ice Studs can be used again.

Things to keep in mind when using studs...

  • Make sure your boots fit well and your horse is acclimated to wearing them before you apply studs
  • Always apply studs to both boots for proper balance
  • Do not turn horses out wearing studded boots, as a horse could injure themselves and others with studded boots.
  • When drilling, make sure the stud does not extend past the sole of the foot. This can especially be a problem on older boots with worn soles as it can cause pressure points on the inside of the boot.
  • Use caution when installing studs in used boots, as the sole tread is thinner than when new. Studs may penetrate through older well-worn soles.
  • Always use your best judgment when going out for a ride in slippery conditions. Hoof boots provide extra traction, but they do have their limits.

See below photo of Scoot Boots Sponsored Show Jumper in Belgium, Rik Nauta who is jumping 1.45 on grass and is often worried about slick wet grass. Scoot Boot installed their ice studs for him on a pair of Scoots when he is jumping in wet conditions. The ice studs are a lot smaller than some other studs on the market. They used 4 studs on each Scoot, one on each "corner".



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