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Mud Strap Sleeve Pack (4pk)

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The Mud Strap Sleeve Pack is a convenient solution for anyone whose horse has sensitive skin, to prevent the Mud Straps from rubbing.

What is included in the Mud Strap Sleeve Pack?

4 x PVC tubes

What are Mud Strap Sleeves?
The Mud Strap Sleeve is a thin, flexible and soft PVC tube that can be attached to a Mud Strap for horses that have sensitive skin around their pastern, or if the Mud Strap is too loose.
How do I put on the Mud Strap Sleeve to the Mud Strap?
To put on the Mud Strap Sleeve, you will need to:

1. Remove the Mud Strap Collar from the Mud Strap

2. Apply a small amount of lubricant (such as cooking oil) to the end of the Mud Strap

3. Feed the Mud Strap through the Mud Strap Sleeve tubing
4. Secure the Mud Strap to the Scoot
If you're struggling to pull your mud strap sleeves onto your mud straps, try tying a piece of string/or ribbon to the end of the mud strap to then pull it through the sleeve.

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