Renegade Viper Fit Kit

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The Renegade Viper Fitting Shells.

Boots are sized by actual length x width measurements.

Up to 3 boot shells for you to hire (mixed colours), to help determine the correct size Renegade Viper hoof boots.

Avoids having to send boots back and forth, saving time and money.

As Renegade Vipers should not be fitted too tightly and do come up fairly small, trying shells first is recommended.

Takes some of the guesswork out of fitting.

The price paid is a deposit only and will be refunded less a small admin fee. Please read the Terms of Shell Hire within the Details for more information.


Renegade Viper Hoof Boots should not be fitted too tightly, so the shells are ideal for horses near the top-end of measurements for a particular size, to check the shell isn’t too tight.

As the Heel Captivator is the main means of boot retention, not a tight-fitting boot shell, the shell alone may allow movement/twisting while on the hoof, but this is not a problem – you are checking that the shell isn’t too tight. A Renegade Viper which fits the hoof perfectly would of course be preferred, but somewhat loosely-fitting Vipers are just as likely to be successful in most situations. One downside to the boots fitting perfectly is they may get too tight as the hoof grows longer in between trimming cycles. Without a doubt, experience has shown that a boot which fits loosely is more stable than a boot which fits too tightly.

If the boot shell does not fit easily onto the hoof, or if you cannot seat the toe into the boot with a tap from the palm of your hand, the boots are too tight. You also want to look for any bulging or gapping at the sides, as this can be a sign that the boot is too tight and that the hoof is pushing it out away from the hoof wall. As hooves grow longer, they also get wider. If the shell fits very snugly, you should consider the trimming interval of your horse and how long they grow in between trims and decide whether or not you should go up one boot size to allow for said growth. Many boot users groom the hooves with a rasp each time before using boots which helps to maintain a good fit and promotes a healthy hoof.

If you have previously used Renegade Classic boots, then you will find the shape of the Viper shell is different. The heel area and the top third of the boot have both been pulled inwards, to create a closer fit and to prevent dirt and debris entering the boot. This means that given a proper boot size, the boot is a more snug fit than the Renegade Classic. Increased stability when sized properly is also a benefit of the new upper shape. The Viper shell may not suit all hoof shapes, and in some cases the Renegade Classic shape may be more suitable.

The Renegade Viper sizes come out a little smaller than suggested by the boot dimensions, so please refer to the size chart before sizing. If in doubt, it is generally better to size up.

The Renegade Viper shells are the ideal way to quickly and easily determine which size Renegade Viper hoof boot is the best fit. The shells allows you to size your horses’ feet correctly before ordering your hoof boots, to ensure a perfect fit first time and preventing wasted time and money returning boots. Although taking the measurements is a good start to check if the shape and size of a horses hoof should fit one of these boots, if in any doubt, try a shell first.

PLEASE NOTE: Renegade "Classics" come in different sizes to the Renegade "Viper" so Fitting Shells for the Classics are available separately.

Please click here to view more information about the new Renegade Viper hoof boot.

Term of Shell Hire

The price charged is a deposit on the Renegade Viper shells only. Please return the shells within 10 days of receipt (clean and dry with no parts missing, dirty or broken). If you return the shells to us and wish to PURCHASE or HIRE a pair of Renegade Vipers at the time of return, you will be refunded £35 (being the deposit paid of £45 LESS our admin fee of £10). If you decide to return the shells and NOT order or hire any boots at the time of return, you will be refunded £25 (the deposit paid LESS our admin fee of £10 AND our hire fee of £10).

Please note you will be responsible for returning the shells to us at your cost, and we are not able to refund you until the shells are received by us so we do recommend a recorded method of postage. If the shells are returned to us with parts missing, broken or dirty the amount refunded to you will be LESS the cost of putting the shells right again.

A £10 fee will be retained for the 1st Fit Kit hired. If more than one Fit Kit was hired at the same time (so under the same Order Number) then a reduced fee of £5 will be retained for each subsequent Fit Kit. The balance will either be refunded or rollover into a boot purchase, as required.

You can view the Renegade Viper size chart here