Easycare Boot Studs

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Sets of 4 studs

Set of 4 studs suitable for use on most hoof boots.

Use a minimum of 2 studs in the heel of the hoof boots or 4 per boot ideally for an even feel

Easycare studs are suitable for most hoof boots. The studs come in a set of 4 which is suggested for a single boot as pictured. Studs are screwed through holes that are drilled in the bottom of the hoof boot and can be screwed in and taken out as required. Easycare studs are ideal to help give extra traction on wet, slippery or muddy ground. 3/4" studs are suitable for Easyboots upto and including size 3, 1" are suitable for size 4 and above Easyboots, any size Old Macs and Boas.