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Scoot Boot

Scoot Boot Spare Black Pastern Strap Pack (1 pair)

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Spare Black Pastern Straps to replace broken or worn straps, or to just keep as spares.

If you require Coloured Pastern Straps, please see our separate product HERE!

Available in 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large and X-Large).

What is the purpose of the Pastern Strap?

The pastern strap is designed to help prevent the boot being pulled off due to an overreach, or sucked off when riding through mud. It is not intended to be the primary source of securement. The strap is made of very strong thermoplastic urethane (TPU) and is designed to stretch when placed under load, so the strap will not affect the horse’s pasterns if secured correctly. It also has a number of holes to provide the correct setting, depending on the thickness of the horse’s pasterns.

What is included in our Pastern Strap Pack?

1 pair of Pastern Straps, which is enough to replace the straps on a pair of boots.

*does not include hardware and screws (spare hardware pack can be purchased separately).

How do you secure the Pastern Strap?

To set the strap at the correct length, make sure your horse is standing upright with its legs at 90 degree. Once secured, you should be able to place one finger (large) or two fingers (small) under the straps at the front of the pastern.

What size Pastern Straps do I need?

  • Small fits Scoot Boot sizes Mini 00 - 00 (total length 230mm)
  • Medium fits Scoot Boot sizes 0 - 3 (total length 273mm)
  • Large fits Scoot Boot sizes 4 - 9 (total length 329mm)
  • X-Large fits Scoot Boot size 10 - 11 (total length 387mm)

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