Easyboot Glove Spare Gaiter - 2016

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Easy to fit and remove to replace a lost or broken gaiter.

Sized in 1/2 sizes, with wide options, as per Easyboot Glove hoof boots.

Designed with a breaking point for safety.

Screws and fixings included.

The 2016 style gaiter has been designed to aid in preventing rubbing and fitting problems occasionally encountered. Anatomically designed and with two layers of ultra soft neoprene at the top. One single replacement gaiter to fit an Easyboot Glove hoofboot. Easyboot Glove gaiters are sized, and can be easily added, removed or changed when required. Designed with a breaking point for the safety of your horse, it is always a good idea to have a spare gaiter for your Glove hoof boots in case of damage to an existing one. Gaiter design allows for easy application of the boot without the need for gaiter training.