Cavallo Cute Little Boot

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Individual Boots

Sold Individually.

Cavallo Cute Little Boot ("CLB").

Now available in FOUR sizes - M1, M2, M3 and M4.

Breathable and lightweight.

Quick and easy on/off.

Use for rehabilitation, comfort and riding/driving.

If you are looking for hoof protection for your mini horse or pony, the Cavallo Cute Little Boots are the boots for you!

The CLB upper is heavy duty industrial grade 1680 Denier Nylon with a soft foam collar for your equine’s comfort with reflective logos for safety and a supple and flexible bulb. The boot goes on easily, conforms to individual hooves and pasterns, and it stays on. Each boot can fit a left or right foot or be used on the rear hooves.

Key Features:
Replaceable Velcro Closure System
Reflective logos for safety
Soft foam collar
Heavy duty industrial grade 1680 Denier Nylon Upper
Cavallo signature built in side drainage slots allows water to enter and exit and air to circulate
Exclusive patented front opening upper system


Cavallo Cute Little Boots are currently available in Slim sizes. 

They will fit the size ranges below:


M1 - Width 51mm to 61 mm

       Length 62mm to 71mm


M2 - Width 62mm to 72mm

       Length 72mm to 82mm


M3 - Width 73mm to 82mm

       Length 83mm to 92mm


M4 - Width 83mm to 92mm

       Length 93mm to 102mm


You can view the Cavallo Cute Little Boot size chart here