Ultimate Hoof Boot Care Kit

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Look after your hoof boots with our Ultimate Hoof Boot Care Kit, We have carefully selected our favourite products we use every day to keep our hoof boots in tip top condition!

The Ultimate Hoof Boot Care Kit includes:

  • One Hoof Pick (Choose from a Standard Soft Touch Hoof Pick or a Lincoln Folding Hoof Pick!) - useful for removing debris from the tread of your hoof boots or other hard to reach areas - and of course, picking out your horses feet! The folding hoof pick is handy -  you can keep one in your pocket so you always have it with you!
  • One HySHINE Hoof Brush - Handy for brushing off dry mud and general hoof boot cleaning, and brushing your horses hooves. 
  • One Lincoln Tack Sponge - These are great for a quick general clean of your boots after a messy ride or turn out time.
  • One Bottle of Lincoln Muddy Buddy powder - Originally meant for use as a Mud Fever Barrier. The Muddy Buddy powder is our secret weapon for keeping your horses hooves dry inside your hoof boots, and also helps minimise the chance of rubbing. The Muddy Buddy is also Antibacterial! Just shake some into your boot and on your horses hoof and you are set to go!
  • One Nikwax Microfibre Towel - great for drying hooves, legs and hoof boots alike! Dries quickly and not too bulky.
  • One Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof - Helping you keep your hoof boots drier for longer!!
  • One Small Moorland Rider Horsewear Wash Bag - If a general wash just isn't going to do the job, pop your hoof boots into this handy bag and into the wash! This will help keep your washing machine free of hair and other bits and bobs you might find on your boots! 
  • One 5ML Tubtrug Shallow Flexible Mini - useful for carrying your hoof boot kit, washing off boots, soaking hooves, feed or anything else you can think of! (available in Red, Blue, Green, Pink or Purple)

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