Scoot Boot Endurance Gaiter

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The Endurance Gaiter provides cushioning and protection for the heel bulbs, lower back of the pastern and rear coronet area

‘Easy to fit’ neoprene gaiters provide protection for sensitive skinned horses and for endurance riders travelling excessive distances.


  • Small fits Scoot boot sizes 000 - 2
  • Medium fits Scoot boot sizes 3 - 5
  • Large fits Scoot boot sizes 6 - 9

Most riders will NOT require the use of gaiters.

PLEASE NOTE: Scoot Boots are now recommending that the endurance gaiters be glued into Scoot Boots. Their trials have proven that this keeps them very secure. When the neoprene wears out you simply cut the endurance gaiters out and re-glue another endurance gaiter into place. They have also found through trials that customers in between sizes can use endurance gaiters which assist with fit.

Click the below link which is a video demonstrating the gluing process. Scoot Boots recommend using a Selley's product called Shoefix - we haven't been able to source any in the UK yet, but we are investigating the best alternatives. Please contact us if you aren't sure which product to use. Apply the glue to the inside rear of the Scoot Boot and also the inside leg of the endurance gaiter so the glue is on both surfaces.