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Black Knight dispatched in 1-3 days. Special Order colours usually dispatched within 2 - 4 weeks.


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PLEASE NOTE - generally we only have Black Knight in stock. All other colours are on Special Order (Could take up to 2 - 4 weeks for dispatch).

Available in 13 sizes and 5 colours.

More sizes planned! 

The Renegade Viper Hoof Boot is the next generation horse boot paying homage to its predecessor, the Renegade Classic Hoof Boot. While incorporating the same competition proven pivoting heel captivator design, cabling system, and straps as the Renegade Classic Hoof Boot, the Renegade Viper Hoof Boot features many new upgrades.

First, with a sleek new look and available in two bright new colors, Comet Orange and Emerald Green, the Renegade Viper is sure to turn heads. The tread really displays the artistic talent of the Viper's® designer, Kirt Lander, while showing off its aggressive side where it counts. With deeper grooves for longer lasting tread, and an unforgiving look, the Viper tread will bite the ground better than any other hoof boot that came before.

The Viper has been trimmed down, removing material using finite element analysis, resulting in a hoof boot that is, despite the more robust tread, about 15% lighter than the Classic, and with more lateral clearance on both the Boot Shell and the Heel Captivator.

A deeper Heel Captivator “gullet” allows for improved pastern bone clearance. The material used to make the Viper is a new, ultra durable polyurethane resulting in a much longer lasting boot.

The inside of the boot is texturized and the Heel Captivator Liner is bonded in place, both for more stability en route. The Viper logo and boot size are stamped very large inside of each boot for quick and easy size readability.

The sizing scheme for the Viper uses the metric system while also conforming to the industry standard length first then width format. For simplicity, there will be no extra size designation other than the given size's dimensions, e.g., a boot that is 130 mm long and 125 mm wide will have size designation 130x125. 

PLEASE NOTE: Renegade Vipers are specifically designed for naturally trimmed barefoot hooves, with low heels, a short toe and a mustang roll. They will not fit horses with much longer than wide hooves. Horses with high heels, long toes or flared walls may have problems with boot retention and there may be increased wear and tear on the tread and cables.

If you have previously used Renegade Classic boots, then you will find the shape of the Viper shell is different. The heel area and the top third of the boot have both been pulled inwards, to create a closer fit and to prevent dirt and debris entering the boot. This means that given a proper boot size, the boot is a more snug fit than the Renegade Classic. Increased stability when sized properly is also a benefit of the new upper shape. The Viper shell may not suit all hoof shapes, and in some cases the Renegade Classic shape may be more suitable.

Key Features:

  • Leaner, lighter and a new high traction tread.
  • Completely new sizing system - Boots are sized by actual length x width measurements.
  • The movable heel captivator design accommodates and supports the bio-mechanics of the hoof and leg structure, allowing for natural flexion of both the hoof and the pastern.
  • A correctly fitted boot stays on over all types of terrain and offers grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Replaceable parts.


The Renegade Viper sizes come out a little smaller than suggested by the boot dimensions, so please refer to the size chart before sizing. If in doubt, it is generally better to size up (about 5mm longer and 10mm wider than the given hoof after a proper Natural Style Trim).

Fitting and use

While not a difficult boot to use, it’s generally not ready to go straight out of the box. In most cases some slight adjustment of the straps and cables will be required to obtain the ultimate fit, and we are happy to talk you through this process if necessary (99% of boot performance issues can be resolved by adjustment or modification of the boot).

Due to general wear and tear, it is sometimes necessary to replace the straps and/or cable. Each pair of boots comes with 2 spare tension straps and a tool for adjusting the cable.

A ‘Pro-Wrench’ tool is also available from us – this tool makes the job of changing a cable much easier. We stock all Renegade Classic and Renegade Viper parts, to ensure you can prolong the working life of your boots.

We also have some Renegade Viper boot shells available to help with fitting, if you are unsure which size boot will be best for your horse. Renegade Vipers can still be cut-back in length if necessary, but with the new sizing system the need for a cut-back should be reduced.


Renegade Vipers are available in 5 colours - Cosmic Orange (florescent), Emerald Green (neon), Dragon Fire Red, Arizona Copper and Black Knight (or whatever combination of colours you fancy!). Generally, we have Black Knight in stock – other colours will need to be ordered in.


Renegade boots are not designed for use with the Comfort Pads we stock, but they are available on special order with a Bonded Insole Gel-Pad.

This is a factory installed, non-removable Insole Gel Pad. Not usually necessary under normal circumstances. It will add about 60 grams or 2 ounces to the weight of the boot. It is intended for foundered or laminitic horses to help improve movement and thus circulation to promote healing.

If you wish to order Renegade boots with the Insole Gel Pads, you will need to go to our Parts and Accessories page and purchase the Pads separately (2 pads required per boot pair).

Please Click Here to purchase the Gel Pads.

PLEASE NOTE that as we do not stock the Renegade boots with the Gel Pads, we will need to special order your boots with Pads from the States (can take up to 3 weeks). Additionally, as adding Gel Pads is considered a customisation, we cannot accept returns of these boots.


If you find the Vipers are too long for your horse and you require the length to be trimmed, or cut-back, then please note there is an extra charge of £10 per boot for this and the boots will then be non-returnable. It is therefore important to be sure of the boot suitability and sizing before arranging a cut-back!

Special orders

If you order a colour or option we don’t have in stock, we can sometimes offer you a pair in the same size on hire - so you can still ride in Renegades while waiting for your special order boots to arrive from the USA.

You can view the size chart for the Renegade Viper here.

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24 Reviews

  • 5
    Brilliant fit and fab colour. Lightweight but robust. Easy to fit.

    Published by Sara Murphy on 10th Aug 2021

    Hoof bootique customer service was absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Fit kits a god send as allow you to try the boot before buying. Glad I did as I changed to renegade viper as better fit but would have bought Scoot if I hadnt tried them. Totally recommended

  • 5
    These boots are fantastic in every way. Only needed to replace a single boot as my gelding wore a hole through the toe, physio shows he has a stiff shoulder causing toe drag so all good now!

    Published by Maz on 27th Jul 2021

    Great boots!

  • 5
    Really super boots

    Published by Kay Munro on 19th Jun 2021

    Well worth the price - best boots for my Icelandic gelding. All gaits present, and his tölt is fantastic. Lovely design, no rubbing even after prancing about in the sea this morning!

  • 4
    Got there in the end!!

    Published by Louise Payne on 7th Jun 2021

    Finally, after numerous photos, measurements, videos, emails and several fit kits I found a boot that fit my 15h connemara x cob. The Renegade Viper was the only one in fact so I was a little nervous that I might have issues once I started riding my horse in them. My doubts were completely unjustified and despite adjusting the cable tension being a bit fiddly, I have encountered no issues so far at all. We have now completed 4 rides in them, the longest being over 4 hours and have gone through fords, mud, long grass etc in all gaits and I am so impressed! They have not caused any rubs (and she is a sensitive pink skinned mare) and they havent come off! Most importantly my horse is extremely comfortable and doesnt even seem to notice she is wearing them.
    Gemma and Liz were extremely helpful, patient and encouraging when I was losing the will to live so thank you both for your help. I really appreciate it.

  • 5
    The most durable and adjustable boot on the market

    Published by Ellen Klaveness on 27th May 2021

    Renegades come at a price, but for that price you get the best durability and adjustability on the hoof boot market. Truly love these boots, I have yet to find a horse I cannot fit them to. The ergonomic design means they stay on in any and all terrain you throw at them. The only thing I wish the manufacturer would do something about is the velcro straps. I now modify my Vipers with flex boot straps, which is a great improvement. But after dabbling in different brands every now and then, I always keep coming back to Renegades!

  • 5
    Booting out my suspicions

    Published by Angela May on 21st May 2021

    My mare was barefoot before I bought her eight years ago, and has always been that way with me so I was reluctant in the extreme to go to any footwear- boot or shoe. Relocation to Wales with an abundance of (stoney) horse trails and no manege meant I had to do something to keep her foot happy. Liz was so helpful. The hoof boot kit is a great idea, and really helped me narrow down the best option. Suena LOVES her boots and is so foot happy again- wanting to go forward, full of impulsion and working beautifully from behind. I have a wrecked shoulder and arthritic hands so really thought I would struggle. The Vipers are surprisingly easy to put on, take off, yet fit snug as a glove!

  • 5
    Renegade Vipers are brilliant!

    Published by Colleen Eccles on 1st Apr 2021

    These boots stay on my active heavy draught. They are comfortable and he goes through his paces very fluently even on tough ground. They are a blessing! Just wish they did bigger sizes as he will still grow and I wouldnt like to be without them! My bigger draught could do with some too but he wont fit the biggest size. Please make larger sizes your boots are great!

  • 5
    Renegade Viper Boots

    Published by Katie Jackson on 29th Dec 2020

    Bought these for my daughters pony while she transitions to barefoot, so far so good! The Hoof Bootique were so thorough in their advice and could not have been more helpful. We ordered the fit kit to check sizing, sent photos to The Hoof Bootique and following that they were able to advise on the best boots. We have only hacked a few times and schooled once but they have stayed in place, no twisting and pony is completely comfortable over stones/gravel now. If you need help in your barefoot journey I would highly recommend The Hoof Bootique for friendly, fast, knowledgeable and experienced advice and if you are looking for a low profile, comfortable, easy to use hoof boot the Renegade Vipers are doing that job very well so far!

  • 5
    Cinderella can marry the prince !

    Published by Cathy on 23rd Nov 2020

    I used the fit kit from hoof boutique to get the right size and so this is the perfect boot for young Nelly. Good quality product and wonderful service , thank you.

  • 5
    Renegade Vipers

    Published by Georgina Ridal on 22nd Nov 2020

    Liz was very helpful with the sizing for these boots. They fit well, my horse is very happy in them and they stayed firmly in place when we went through mud and had a good gallop. Very pleased

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