Renegade Viper Heel Captivator

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Single heel captivator supplied, with liner.

Viper B fits the sizes 120x110 and 125x115.

Viper D fits the sizes 125x120, 125x125, 130x120, 135x125, 135x130, 135x135, 140x130, 140x135, 140x140 and 145x145.

Viper F fits the size 150x150.

No Hardware supplied - Pulley Buttons need to be purchased separately.

Replacement Heel Captivator for a Renegade Viper boot.

Available in 3 sizes: B, D and F and 5 colours: Black-Knight, Arizona-Copper, Dragon-Fire Red, Cosmic-Orange and Emerald-Green

Easy to change - you just need a Phillips head screwdriver (and possibly a pair of pliers, if the Pulley Button rotates while you are removing the screw).