Renegade Viper Blemished Boots (SPECIAL ORDER)

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Sold individually

Special Order only (Could take up to 3 weeks for delivery)

Blemished Boots, a.k.a. Blems, are fully functional boots with the same great quality as the standard Renegade line, same mileage expectations, but with some non-structural, non-functional defects, e.g., small; bubbles, scuffs, small inclusions of other colors, etc. May also have some marking on the boot designating it as blemished, e.g., the word "Blem" stamped on the inside of the Boot Shell.

We do not modify Blems from their stock form, e.g., no Cut Backs, Traction Studs, gel-pads, etc

Available in 5 Colours.


**Please note** Blemished boots are non returnable items