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Easycare New Mac hoof boots (updated Old Mac G2)

A new thinner profile Easy to fit - only velcro fastenings, no buckles! Unique shock absorption and superb traction on all surfaces Caters for a wide range of hoof shapes.

The New Mac hoof boot is the very latest generation of Mac hoof boots! Based on the original and bestselling Old Mac multipurpose hoof boots, the New Mac is an update on the Old Mac G2 to give an even better fit and better perfomance than before.

GOOD CHOICE FOR: Horses with slightly longer than wide hooves, but also usually work well on round and long hooves (inserts are needed for excessively long hooves, see Parts and Accessories).

PLEASE NOTE: The New Mac aren't ideal for horses with wider than long hooves. They are not intended for long distance or endurance riding as recommended for up to 25 miles, but can often be used for much longer periods depending on fit and terrain etc. The boots are supplied in pairs only (one left, one right).

The New Mac multipurpose horse boots are the third generation Mac hoof boots and have a unique high-tech performance out sole, incorporating the unique hoof suspension system. The sole of the hoof boot is constructed from a specially developed ThermoPlastic Urethane (TPU) compound, which absorbs shock and aids recovery from concussion related injuries, as well as helping to prevent them. The sole of the New Mac's is slightly less aggressive than the original Old Mac G1 boots, and the same as the Old Mac G2 so affords excellent traction but without any risk of jarring of the leg.

The New Mac features a more refined and improved upper, with a host of improvements over the bestselling Old Mac G2. These features include a re-engineered back strap in high quality hook and loop instead of the buckle making the boot much easier to use, especially with cold or stiff hands. This back strap is also removeable and replaceable, and can be reversed to make a boot fit a left or right hoof. The back flaps are now made with a superior hook and loop material, and give a thinner profile thus giving less room for debris to become trapped. The back now features the comfort cup of the Back Country boot, which not only gives a stronger back closure and thinner profile but also offers greater comfort and much reduced chance of rubbing when fitted correctly. The inner strap which the Old Mac G2 is famous for (and what makes an Old Mac stay on where other boots would be lost) is now made of tubular nylon which will lie flat for comfort, but without the potentially harder, formed edge of the Old Mac tether strap. It is also now possible to completely remove, or purchase a different size of this leash should you require to custom fit the boots for larger or smaller pasterns.

The upper of the New Mac hoof boots is painted from the underside, so they will stay looking good, and larger rivets and a more rigid front shield make it one of the toughest hoof boots on the market - even tougher than before! The upper roll on the New Mac now features the double neoprene roll as seen in the Transition hoof boots. The inner roll is a close weave to help prevent burrs sticking and embedding into the fabric that will be in contact with the pastern.

The New Mac horse boots are an even easier hoof boot to put on than ever before, yet every bit as tough and sturdy as you have come to expect from the Old Mac brand. The New Mac can be fastened whilst the hoof is on the ground, so is ideal for horses that dislike having a hoof up for any period of time. New Macs open right out to allow entry of the foot. The New Mac's come with full fitting instructions, and are sold in pairs. Comfort pads are advised for use in any hoof boot for the most natural and beneficial experience for your horse. For general use a 12mm medium Old Macs comfort pad is recommended for New Macs Multipurpose hoof boots.

Slim, anatomical fit for ultimate comfort and style keeps this (correctly fitting) hoof boot on in even the deepest mud, water or sand.

Number of boots supplied: 2 (one left, one right but can change the straps to fit either hoof)
Box contains: One pair of New Mac hoof boots, fitting instructions and guarantee card