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Sold in pairs


Only available in Translucent Sport Sole. 

*You can convert these to be similar to the 2019 model by adding the EVA or Neoprene Frontal Protection and the Neoprene Rear Protection (available in our Parts and Accessories section).

Fit Kit available HERE.


Most hoof shapes and sizes, as available in front and hind sizes, and can be heat fitted and trimmed in length if necessary. It is still important to consult the size charts and fit according to the size and shape of your horses foot. A Fit Kit is available for hire to help ensure the correct size is selected. PLEASE NOTE: Only to be used on horses that have, at least, partially transitioned to barefoot. Ideal for performance horses or those that require a close-fitting, lightweight boot.

The Floating Boots are a new hoof boot, which can be heat fitted to the horses hoof where required. They are also available in different shapes, to fit both front and hind hooves (although depending on the hoof size and shape, there may be occasions where a horse will require a ‘front’ shape on the hinds, and vice versa).

Sizing Note: You will see from the size chart page that there are actually 3 size charts! These are based on 3 different types of fit: Tight, Loose and Adapted. We recommend that you work from the Tight size chart, but if your hoof measurements are right at the top of the sizing for a particular size then you may find you need to go up a size, or be prepared to heat fit the boots. Using the Tight size chart may mean that the boots are very tight/difficult to get on initally, but you should find that the boots will adjust to the size and shape of the hoof after a few uses, making them easier to put on. Using the Loose size chart will make the boots easier to put on. The Loose size chart is recommended for beginner boot users, where the boots will only be used for quiet rides. The Adapted size chart demonstrates the maximum width and length that can be obtained when heat fitting the boots.

Fit Kit: Hoof Bootique has a Floating Boot Fit Kit for you to hire. Try up to 3 different sizes to help determine the correct fit.

Floating boots are one of the most modern performance hoof boots, designed in Spain in conjunction with a vet and have been used for top level endurance. Floating boots are particularly suited to barefoot horse owners who are more confident with hoof boots, have at least a partly transitioned horse (at least some concavity) and are looking for a very lightweight, high performance hoof boot. That said, the fitting process is very straightforward so if no moulding is required (or you are confident heat fitting boots) then any horse that has the size/ shape suitable for them (with a good regular trim as per other performance hoof boots) could potentially benefit from this excellent high performance hoof boot. They are not designed to be used with pads (but do have a rubberised inner sole), so are not suited to transitioning hooves - they are designed as ongoing hoof protection, being ideal for endurance riders or situations where the horse needs to work at speed over varying terrain for long periods.

The centre of the boot has an innovative lattice which allows the boot to naturally flex with the hoof as the horse takes a step, and the design of the boot ensures that any water that gets in is expelled. The shell is very tough, and can be heat fitted and 'slotted' at the front (in a similar way to the 'Swiss' horse boots) to obtain a custom fit and breakover where required.

The gaiter of the boot offers a very secure fit, and is a combination of a rubber outer (with spaces for the heel bulbs) and a neoprene 'sock' liner than helps to prevent any rubs. This new design has been shown to eliminate rubbing for most horses. The gaiter design fits higher at the front of the boot allowing for a very secure fit over all terrains.

Weight per boot is around 400g and the Floating Boots Trainer style hoof boots are sold in pairs of the same size.

Tread and Colour options: There are 2 different treads/soles available – the Sport (for wet and muddy conditions) and the Endurance (for dry conditions). The most popular sole in the UK is the Sport, which provides an extra grip on wet grass and is also perfectly suited to tarmac roads. It is also the sole chosen by endurance riders in competitions.

The boots are available with a transparent or black sole and then accessories in either black, red, yellow, green or orange. Sizes M0 – M2 and P0 – P2 in the Sport are ONLY available with a transparent sole.

We are only stocking the Sport sole (Transparent) with black accessories. Different sole/colour options can be ordered by arrangement.

• Constructed from Polyurethane, Rubber and Neoprene
• Fastening type: Cross over rubber straps onto simple stud
• Easy to fit (day-to-day). Very tightly fitted boots may be harder to get on, but this will get easier with use. Heat fitting may be initially required to obtain the best fit which requires greater skills, but we can provide advice and support.
• Ideal for high performance horses covering large distances over varied terrain, but can also be used by any transitioned horse requiring ongoing protection that fits them for any level of work

You can view the size chart for the Floating Boot 2014 here

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