FlexPad Kevlar Hoof Boot Pads (pair)

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The FlexPad KEVLAR Hoof Boot pad is a durable kevlar coated pad designed to fit into the Flex Hoof Boot and increase comfort and reduce concussion.

These pads are 6mm thick, and are sold in pairs.

Available in size 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 and 150. Simply choose the same sized pad as your Flex Hoof Boots, or cut to size if necessary.

Add the pad in the boot with the pattern side up.

FlexPad KEVLAR is better wearing and slightly firmer than the soft version of Flex pad EVA. It has a Kevlar surface to protect the pad against the pressure of the hoof. However it does not allow for sharp and long hoof walls – these will still act like a razor blade against a soft pad, and will end up breaking the pads and the boots – so don’t forget to trim the hooves regularly, to keep them in good shape.

FlexPads are ideal if you need to tighten and improve the fit of your hoof boot. They also provide cushioning and support around the heel and frog, encouraging the horse to move corretly. Furthermore, they are useful if your horse needs extra protection and shock absorption on hard rocky ground, or if you're rehabilitating after founder, an abscess, white line disease or a thin sole.

Just like FlexPad EVA, the FlexPad KEVLAR stays in place. In fact, the Kevlar surface is a little bit sticky, so the hoof stays in place even better. The pad will mould into the sole of the hoof and to the inside of the Flex Boot. This makes them very secure on the hoof, where they help stimulate the sole, frog and back of the foot, strengthening the hoof every step of the way.

Flex pads also make the boots more durable and the boot will stay on even better with pads.

EVA pads can we washed after use to prolong their life.

Great with horses that have a twisting movement that causes EVA pad to break too quickly. 

Key Features:

  • Stronger/firmer than the other FlexPads.
  • Sized the same as the Flex Hoof Boot.
  • Can be cut down to size if necessary.
  • Can help make your Flex Boots fit better.
  • Provides cushioning and support to sole/frog/heel to stimulate and strengthen.
  • Provides extra protection and shock absorbsion on hard/rough terrain.
  • Can be used during the rehabilitation process of founder, absesses, etc.
  • Moulds to sole of the hoof, and into the inside of the Flex Boot.
  • Makes the boot more durable.
  • Can be washed to prolong the pads life.
  • 6mm thickness.
  • Sold in pairs.

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