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Hiring Boots - Terms & Conditions

All boots come with a neoprene gaiter fitted in your chosen colour.

If you opt to hire the Flex Boots first, and your first choice of colour is not available, we may need to send an alternative colour.

Flex Boots - the comfortable, softer hoof boot your horse will love to wear! Flex Boots are flexible, soft, and durable bare hoof boots that offer protection without interfering with the function of the hoof mechanism.

The Flex Boot is available in 8 sizes! These are the FlexPony, in sizes 80, 90 and 100, and FlexHorse in sizes 110, 120, 130, 140 and 150.

First choose the Flex Boot size you require, and then choose the colour of Neoprene Gaiter that you'd like.

There are 10 different colours to choose from, and various other Flex Boot parts (including spare screws, pads, straps etc.) which can be purchased separately HERE.

What are Flex Boots?

Flex Boots are the softest hoof boot on the market, which are not only durable and comfortable, but also easy to put on and take off. They are carefully designed with the horse's wellbeing as the top priority. With young horses, Flex Boots are a perfect way to protect the feet from excessive wear, whilst not making the feet numb.

Flex Boots are barefoot shoes for horses, and are much like Feelmax and Vibram, which are barefoot shoes for people!

The Flex Boot has a unique sole. It is flexible in a lateral and medial way. Flex Boot will take the hardest pressure from the impact of the terrain, but will still allow the horse to really feel the ground, and continue to develop his/her feet every step of the way.

Flex Boots can fit a variety of different hoof shapes provided the hoof is maintained in its anatomically correct shape. If the hoof grows out from it's balance, it can, depending on many aspects, damage the soft sole of the boot (especially any sharp and pointy edges, long toes, or a hoof wall that is primarily weight bearing). So, the Flex Boot is for owners who are willing to take care of the hooves with a 1-2 weekly maintenance trim between trimmers visits, to ensure your Flex Boots last as long as possible.

Flex Boots are made in Finland, where they have high standards of of environmental protection and recycling practices in place, so waste is reduced significantly and this of course is better for the environment. Metal parts for the boots are made in Europe. 

What are the key benefits of the Flex Boot?

  • Easy to put on and take off, so suitable for first time hoof boot users.
  • Protect from excessive wear without causing numbness
  • Work much like human barefoot shoes
  • Does not get soggy, heavy or wet in muddy/wet terrain
  • Excellent strength and grip over all terrain (e.g. water, rock, mud)
  • Extremely flexible
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Drain well
  • Can be used for hacking, schooling, jumping, driving, turnout.

What is included?

  • 1 x black Flex Boot shell + FlexGaiter (including 2 rivets): material TPU (thermoplastic urethane)
  • 1 x black back strap: material TPU
  • 1 x black or coloured Neoprene gaiter (your choice): durable protective neoprene
  • 5 pcs of ball head rivet closure + TPU washer's

A great article on how to adjust the Flex Boot Neoprene Gaiter is can be read here.

Please view the Flex Boot size chart HERE.

The right fit is essential for the Flex Boot to work as intended. If you need help sizing for the Flex Boot, then our Flex Boot Fit Kit is ideal in determining which size will best suit your horse.

You can view all of our available Fit Kits HERE.

18 Reviews

  • 5
    Flex boots

    Published by Mrs Beryl Gell on 21st Sep 2021

    Following Lizs advice, I bought Flex boots for my thoroughbred mare. She loved them straight away. So far there have been no rubs and they appear to wear well, even on our very stony ground. I have now bought another set for my reired New Forest, who regularly walks out in hand. She also loves them.

  • 5
    Brilliant all-rounder

    Published by Elena Blanco on 15th Sep 2021

    I have been using hoofboots on various horses for around ten years and Flex boots have become my new favourite boot by far. They are easy to put on, fairly easy to look after and clean (not as easy as Scoots but better than most others), and I think they perform really well on all sorts of terrain. The only negative is that they wear quickly as the material is so soft, but the flip side of that is that they have great grip and the horses are clearly very comfortable in them. It is worth spending time setting them up properly but after that they are easy-peasy!

  • 4
    Good boots

    Published by Gillian Emerick on 7th Sep 2021

    These boots are easy to put on and take off. They are great on stony surfaces and my pony appears to find them comfortable. They look super cute too!

  • 5
    Flex Boots

    Published by Sam Seath on 26th Aug 2021

    Getting the fit kit is a definite plus. Lots and lots of info to go through but totally worth it once you have chosen your boot and it fits perfectly. Great service from start to finish.

  • 5
    Flex boots

    Published by Jane Charlton on 16th Aug 2021

    Really impressed with Flex boots. Truly flexible boot with a decent break over - no rubbing or twisting and stayed put! Bought fronts and backs for my young horse and his stride improved. I tried a pair on my recovering laminitic and he LOVED them - I struggled to keep up with his trot! Best boots ever!

  • 4
    Flex boots

    Published by Bridget Payne on 10th Aug 2021

    Easy to fit once I had adjusted them the first time. Did not twist even though my horse is due a trim. Only tried in the school but walked trotted and cantered with no problems. In fact I think he actually liked them! Have bought some inserts to try too. Early days and need to build my confidence that I can hack with no problems as this is what I bought them for.

  • 5

    Published by Sari de Sarigny on 7th Jul 2021

    Easy to put on but need to take time to get fit right. Pads give flexibility between trims as foot grows or changes shape. Do not seem to turn on foot.

  • 5
    Flex Boots

    Published by Andrea Moore on 28th Jun 2021

    Love them, do not rub or twist. Easy to put on and remove. Light and flexible, like riding barefoot in contrast to other heavier and clumsy boots I have previously used. Will be buying more for my other horse when he is back in work. Hoof Boutique really helpful as usual, brilliant service, thank you

  • 5
    Flex hoof boots

    Published by Margaret Portus on 15th Jun 2021

    Gem loves her new Flex boots. They are soft yet robust With a great grip both on the roads and off. They are quick and easy to put on and off, and with no velcro parts, wash up like new. With their close fit, following the shape of the foot and without any sticky-out bits they are barely noticeable. Gem steps out confidently in them and was happy to cross rocks and boggy ground up on Dartmoor. Highly recommended.

  • 4
    Flex Boots

    Published by Jean Peck on 12th Jun 2021

    I have a recovering older Arab from laminitis...having to sedate him each time for his remedial shoes my farrier suggested trying boots as an interim and recommended Hoof Bootique. Liz has been so helpful and I decided after seeing friends Cavallo boots to go with the Flex boots as they are extremely lightweight and simple to fit! I ordered the next size up back straps as found my arthritic hands needed more strap to pull round....perfect...my horse loves them...he trots out beautifully and does not seem to even notice they are on...if they last a year of light hacking and mainly walking on roads I will be very pleased....highly recommend...the girls are all very accommodating.

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