Equine Fusion Active Light

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Sold in pairs.


Same excellent tread as the Ultimate model but with a new, improved upper. Easier to fit, allows a closer and more adjustable fit, and with extra padding at the front.

Easy to use.

Available in Black.

Available in 20 sizes (7 - 16 and 7 Slim - 16 Slim).

GOOD CHOICE FOR: Horses with longer than wide hooves, and round or almost round hooves.

Equine Fusion is a Norwegian company which since 2005 has developed a new type of horse boot, a flexible, light and durable Jogging Shoe that protects the horse’s hooves from shock, wear and unnatural pressure. First they developed the Equine Fusion Jogging Shoe Ultra - a new dimension in hoof protection and hoof boots/shoes. The world's first jogging shoe for horses!

The Active Lite Jogging shoe has the original, thinner sole for those that require a thinner, more flexible sole.

The Active Jogging Shoe hoof boot consists of the cone locking mechanism and a heel design which enables the unrestricted natural movement of the heels, and padding in the front of the boot for comfort. They are being sold in pairs to allow for a smooth inner side of the boot with a smart lock on the outside.

The engineered flexible and elastic jogging shoe, allows the hoof to sink into the rubber sole and allows the hoof to have full contact with the sole to secure natural blood flow and hoof functions.

The primary advantage of Active Lite Jogging Shoe is the remarkable wide-ranging suitability for rehabilitation, terrain riding, and jumping.

Benefits of all Jogging Shoes:

Equine Fusion Active Light Jogging Shoe Hoof Boots features:

Number of boots supplied: 2 (Boots can be used on front or hind hooves)

Unique thin, flexible sole

Slim fitting and light weight design

New heel design that help to eliminates rubbing and pressure points

Ideal rehabilitation, terrain riding, and jumping

The model also comes in a slim version

Smart lock for extra fastening security

Can be used with pads, although not normally necessary due to the design of the boot. Some particularly sensitive or footsore horses may be more comfortable using the boots with the Equine Fusion Dampening Pad - a new type of pad designed specifically for use in the Equine Fusion range of boots. Please find the Dampening Pad under 'Pads' in our 'Parts and Accessories' section.

Available in 20 sizes (7 - 16 and 7 Slim - 16 Slim) and 1 colour (black).

You can view the Equine Fusion Active size chart here